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Who is following SP President Levrat ?: That's how potential successors cross for

Who is following SP President Levrat? This is what the potential successors are ticking off

There is every indication that SP will elect a new president at his congress this spring – or two at the same time. We say who has the best cards.

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The cameras are friendly to each other. Despite Sunday's historic defeat – SP's turnout dropped to a minimum of 16.8 percent – no one questions President Christian Levrat. On the contrary, Freiburg is famous for his excellent work.

Before the other votes for the Cabinet are over, no one in the SP wants to tear apart a personnel debate. In addition, the end of his eleven-year presidency is already out. In the spring of 2020, he would have to stand for re-election at the party congress. No one seriously assumes that Levrat will compete again. But his departure should also not be placed in connection with the election defeat.

For Levrat has undoubtedly done a good job. Since 2008 he has been head of SP. He took over Hans-Jürg Fehr's office when the party was in crisis. Take over the sinking ship? No thanks! Everyone ran ̵

1; except Levrat.

Christian Levrat, strong man in the SP Image: KEYSTONE

Freiburg is considered a good strategist. During his tenure, SP has formed many political companies in recent years. For example, the Energy Strategy 2050, the implementation of the mass immigration initiative or the STAF – the bill that linked the tax reform to additional AHV funding.

Levrat the Strongman

Levrat does not accept this picture. But he is the strong man in the SP. This is also explained by the story: "He had to tear the wagon alone," says a colleague. Levrat comes from a union school, with a clear leadership logic and strong structures. "It has also done the party well."

But Levrat is just the classic left. His hobby is the economy. Strengthen purchasing power, distribution issues, preparedness. Ecology, for example the very important issue in these elections, was of greater importance under SP President Peter Bodenmann, says the SP Council and Vice President Beat Jans. Of course, Green Party President Regula Rytz also favored the other major campaign topic, women and gender equality.

Gender equality is really a uranium business for the Social Democrats. However, the Greens are the better women's supporters when it comes to filling top posts. They call themselves the "avant-garde of equality" and would like to point out that the Greens were the first national party to have a president – and since then more presidents than other parties.

Advantage Frau

The SP had two presidents so far: Ursula Koch (1997-2000) and Christiane Brunner (2000-2004). And today it seems clear that Levrat must be followed by a woman. In the end, this is what Graubünden New National Council leader Jon Pult demands: “The majority of our voters and female parliamentarians are women. In addition, diversity is important for a gender equality party. A woman at the top better reflects the reality of our party and also the needs of our constituency. "

Pult does not want to be misunderstood for criticizing Levrat, but he also says:" In the current election campaign, it had a medieval, established man in the progressive half of the playing field just harder. "The reason is that the second national top office is also staffed by a man. Vaud National Council leader Roger Nordmann leads the Bundeshaus faction.

So who are the women who could follow Levrat next spring? An overview:

Flavia Wasserfallen, 40, Bern

"Tages-Anzeiger" today proclaimed Berner national councilor Flavia Wasserfallen the crown favorite. The 40-year-old was party secretary for the party for six years and has politicized in the big chamber since 2018. While Freiburger comes from the rural Gruyère region, Wasserfallen stands for the urban SP. She lives in the city of Bern. Wasserfallen is considered politically experienced, strong networking and a good communicator. She has a disability: Bernesen is considered Levrat-nah. She has emancipated herself as a national adviser from her sponsor. "That's the big question. Because if the party wants a fresh start, it might be close to the downside.

Barbara Gysi, 55, St. Galle n

SP National Council Cédric Wermuth calls it at least smart: a generational change in the head of government. As a result, St. The crazy Barbara Gysi hardly questions as a successor. Ler also belongs to a vice chair of the party's current leadership group, who must respond to the poor election results. In addition, it is criticized for lacking charisma.

Nadine Masshardt, 35, Bern

The cards for Bernes National Councilor Nadine Masshardt are better. The 35-year-old has been deputy group leader for four years and has gained a good reputation. Despite her long parliamentary experience at all three levels of government, she tends to be underestimated. But as a campaign manager, she has won her status and convinced to win public appearances. Masshardt also lives in the city of Bern and has two small children. Within the party, Berner is believed to be more interested in the group's presidency.

Mattea Meyer, 32, Zurich

One possible candidate is Mattea Meyer. The soon-to-be 32-year-old Zurich national councilor already has a large political backpack despite his young age. She was a member of the Zurich Canton Council for four years before succeeding in Bern in 2015. She was also Vice President of Juso. And that is perhaps their biggest drawback. Meyer stands for the left wing. She criticized the tax AHV template as a lazy compromise. He was drafted by SP President Levrat together with CVP.

Cédric Wermuth, 33, Aargau

Meyer is often cited as a possible co-president – along with a member of the Aargau National Council Cédric Wermuth. The two are very good friends. For two years (2009-2011) the duo has been at the helm of juso; Wermuth as president, Meyer as vice president. Whether so much closeness is good for a co-presidency would surely lead to discussions in the party. For those who want more of an opening to the center, such a co-presidency is certainly not the desirable thinking. Whether the two could prevail depends a lot on the conclusions the party draws from the historic election defeat. Meyer and Wermuth both have young children. A co-model can map social change and show how work-life balance can be promoted.

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