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Who helps and who can protect yourself?

The nose is running, the headache is painful and you feel slack and tired. In winter nothing is impossible – but even in summer it can be a bad one recollection and not for many years let go. It was with the myth of Sommergrippe that actually came to mind, where this recollection came from and where you can live today, you experience here.

In the summer: Keine Grippe singled out Acknowledgment

Who is to suffer, and a Sommergrippe who actually means a Acknowledgment . A real flu – also called Influenza – is an acute respiratory disease that can become life-threatening and triggered by Influenza viruses, the Federal Health Information Center states ). The signs of such a flu could be covered in fact with those of recollection – or volksmundartlichen summer flu -.

So it comes according to BZgA in both disorders of throat pain, cough, headache or even nausea. For one influenza one has to count in addition to high fever – above 39 degrees. "The big difference to the usual recollection is the side effects that such a high influenza can have," explains Hannoversche General Medicine Matthias Berndt . Which could in the worst case lead to heart muscle inflammation.

Sick in the Summer – Why Ready Now?

Instead of enjoying the sun, one feels miserable and may not want to leave the house at all. "In winter, people are clearly recognized, as in summer," general medicine says. But in the summer, air conditioning was often blamed on the recollections with which we had to fight back.

The warmer it is, the more everything goes into cooling down. "Those people are in doubt about their air conditioners too much," says Berndt . "The body puts the heat out at warmer temperatures and the whole body energy is then brought to heat and then quickly becomes ill."

Weak immune system through sport

Debt could also open window – any air we are exposing. Also, extended sunbeds or sports at high temperatures contribute to weakening the immune system. When the body-directed abortion system is then attacked, viruses are much lighter, penetrate our bodies and make us sick.

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Quickly recover: What to do

If the arousal was caught, we will come to the worst Do not fall out of bed once. "It is important to consider that the body really gets rest," says Matthias Berndt . Who in a right flu needs the body time to recover and strengthen the immune system. When it comes to drinking, ebenfalls is very important. Anti-inflammatory teas such as chamomile and ointment or anti-ginger supplements with ginger help, then you feel more fit again.

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When the nose is closed and the headache can also help the inhalation of water vapor. Simply use eucalyptus oil – for mucus – or chamomile tea in hot water and hold your head with a towel. Take the hot steam for five to ten minutes and repeat up to three times daily if necessary.

Staying Healthy: What Should You Look For?

To avoid one recollection in the summer and at the next Hitzewelle to be able to lie with friends and family at sea, should not to adjust the air conditioning: The difference in outdoor temperature should in no case be confirmed, Matthias Berndt confirms. Movement also contributes to the strengthening of our defense system. Aber: Wet-sweaty clothing should be sucked as soon as possible.

Taking on a healthy diet and taking in rich fruits and vegetables, strengthens its immune system.
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Nutrition also plays an important role in strengthening the immune system, also informs the consumer-centric Baden-Württemberg. When enough water is drinking and looking at a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, you might think Sommergrippe hit a snap. Vitamin D stores are constantly being absorbed in the sun – many suns are still weakening. A healthy meal means that we feel better and not get sick so quickly.

And another tip: "Where sleep deprivation is avoided, home infections are sought after," states Berndt .

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By Heidi Becker / RND

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