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Who ever comes to Thomas Gottschalk the Divorce of Thea?

100 million francs in a bar, 45 million in real estate: another partition comes to mind when it came to Gottschalkschen assets?

Who teuer für Thomas Gottschalk (68) de separatie van Noch-Gattin Thea (73)? Last week, there were some unique "laws that ..?" – Star of the Ehe known about 42 years.

You just have to deal with the training for the couple and say both their novel (36) and tristan (37). ) is also a member of the public authorities. Out of the box Media Entertainer should have a more than 40-year-old career as a moderator and viewer to raise 90 million euros, matched around 100 million francs.

This recruitment has the assets jointly developed, which "Bunte" writes. Demnach simplifies Thomas and Thea to your wedding In 1976, he was gentle in an interview of 1992. Spoken: Everything that you have experienced, said jointly. Even 15 main users have paired up with one charge, clears the finances, and facilitates drainage.

Money and real estate

Shared tiles have not been commissioned by those bar-millions of both, also various miscellaneous Immobilien. Specifically: Homes that have the Gottschalks in Berlin and New York (USA). These will be counted by 45 million francs.

Nothing will tile the Gottschalks as well as the collapsing thumbs that burned Villa in Malibu in California in November. Gütlich, who avoids Beobachter: Those both were still still respectful to some. (WYT)

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