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WhatsApp: Next Threatening Security Gap – Users Should Act Immediately

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Serious security gaps in WhatsApp: All users can be attacked in this way, but it gives you some help. And the gap is very dangerous: By this, criminals can access the smartphone – or place skulls on the device.

Concretely, this is a gap with the technical designation CVE-2019-11932, which was discovered by the user Awakened. There informed our few Tagen sofort Face book, the parent company of WhatsApp. And that's not the reason: Whatever the technical protocols are, these gaps concern millions of WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp: Security gaps can already be actively exploited

Unlike similar security issues in the past, users still do not have to click on a link or install a supposedly helpful extension. In the specific case, the problem rolls directly onto the user, without it being possible. It is therefore important that a contact sends an infected GIF file (a graphic format, which also allows animations).

Video: Security Gaps in WhatsApp

When the WhatsApp user opens the WhatsApp attachment feature for pendants, they automatically activate the GIF file – which could then hide in a skull. Then everything is possible, at a remote access it is also possible: read content, install additional software or upgrade your Android smartphone.

One measure helps to protect itself from WhatsApp gaps

It has been said for a short time: WhatsApp has released an update 2.19.244 for Android that every user should install immediately. As a result, the encryption of pests via GIF file can not be more common. Affect almost all WhatsApp users with an Android phone – they should check in the Google Playstore if a new version of WhatsApp is available. Free Apple devices are generally not affected.

The restriction always lies in the current WhatsApp security gap that the attacker must be stored in the contacts after the present state of knowledge. Then, however, abuse and the unlocking of skulls put no boundaries anymore. The user Awakened from Singapore, who calls himself the "Technologist and Security Enthusiast", has already demonstrated on the Github platform, who is trying to exploit the gap in the free Wildbahn.


Ever more security gaps in WhatsApp became public. What comes to so-called bugs concerns every software. However, WhatsApp equals hundreds of millions of users. Thus, for short, a gap is known, in which criminals could hack into their own data. And even one threat software threatens the WhatsApp users.

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