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WhatsApp: Big Update – but it doesn't bring anyone

Messenger -User of WhatsApp may ask: The messenger service brings out a new update – but unfortunately gives it a hook.

Munich – News from WhatsApp: The messenger service brings out a new update, which version with the name 2.19.100 offers next Once only iPhone users have four new features. Some of them already have it in a beta version.

WhatsApp: Update brings iPhone users four new features

Through this update, any voice messages can be directly in the notification only message was heard iPhone users sometimes don't open much more in the app.

Recently, the latest Apple operating system brought the new Emoji keyboard – the exact same ones that users now use in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: New Emojis, lighter Editing Images and Videos

The editing of images and videos will be facilitated by the update: Immediately in chat, there is now a button – a closed line – that brings the user directly into the editing menu of the selected images: Insert text, freely draw, sticker add – in the end you can send the photo directly.

The fourth newsletter brings five new fonts for messages with which should be sent on pictures. To do this, smartphone users must click the "T-symbol" – and select the desired script.

Recently, WhatsApp introduced a feature that can be used to clear messages. Did not know many: The deleted messages can also easily be retrieved. One favorite feature for all will be the abolition of WhatsApp. Previously, a user had access to blockade.

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