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Were mice considering vegan and was heard by vegan Leben dazu?

The human body was very varied Nourishment to remain fit. An elaborate and rich diet is the key to good health, so the experts are ready. Still was, if a real-life savings was smitten away?

Six-year-olds lie Veganism im Trend. Veganism is an extreme form of vegetarian nutrition, which covers complete productions. Vegans are obviously eager to fly. Estimates of the Vegetarian Prove follow, some 1

.3 million people in Deutschland vegan, tendency rising.

Damit Veganer also came to get Nauhrstoff who in Fisch, Milch, Eggs or meat-containing minds, should they argue a few things. In one case, they come to bedside tablets

The should-eradicate vegan

"With a clean dietary diet, an excellent care with even nourishment or nourishment is impossible," he writes Deutsche Gesellschaft für nutrition ( DGE ) in a position paper for vegan nutrition. Include them for independent health counseling in the potential critics Substances requiring Vitamin B2, B12 and D Calcium Iodine and Zinc

The Gut Nachricht für Vegan: Bis on Vitamin B12 can all others Nährstoff Also, if we had to take care of our flat-bottomed acne, one had to listen to the vegan play plan.

Vitamin B2: Containing almonds and whole grain products

Vitamin B2, also called Riboflavin, is important for the energy recovery in the press fabric of the press.

Most common Vitamin B2 lie Almond . Also rocket soybeans and hoard flocks contained by them nutrient . Vegan, the cousin of a size Portion Mandel must meet, can be found on full grain products . Mostly in the outskirts of tight findet fell Vitamin B2.

Veganes Vollkornbrot loves important Vitamin.
                                         Source: Paul Knecht / dpa


Vitamin B12: Exclusively in dangerous products

The human body needs Vitamin B12. Under the cellular phone, the camera and the nervous system. A more natural form is found Nährstoff first and foremost in a variety of products, mostly in Fleisch. Damn it Vegan does not come to a B12 deficiency, mice do it for the sake of allergy response (elevated in tablet form), targeted cover or specially developed Vitamin B12 zen cream cover . A deficiency discovered, best recognized for up to five years, can occur in remaining neurologic sheaths.

This is an algae or temp (fermented soybean) Vitamin B12 bone levels, valid as Mythos , it is dated DGE . Vitamin B12 supplements are found in the Apotheke or in Drogerie

Interestingly : Vegetarianism: So reacts to the carp auf Fleischverzicht

Vitamin D: Who covers vegans need care?

The solar vitamin is very important for the carp,
                                         Source: Pixabay (Symbol Image)

The Sun Vitamin plays an important role in obtaining the nodules, it regulates the potassium and phosphate content and effects of the immune system. Vitamin D is in the home of his real life Vitamin which can be seen most of human carpenter. Important is the sun. 15 minutes bounce sunspots on the skin per tag stretch in most cases, covering the Vitamin-D operation to cover

Nur and down winter days can become rough. Then vegan on a Vitamin D journey would cost, was not very easy. The non-existent Lebensmitteln comes Vitamin Spring. In Champions, Avocados and Pfifferlingen are very small amounts contained. In the dark season, monkeys may be advised to monitor vitamin D preparations

Requirements: Directen with Vitamin C

As a trace element is Eisen im Blut für den Transport of lebensnotwendigemustoff oxygen. It is also important for the immune system.

There are many cases Lebensmittel in this requirement. Sloths and Cherries attach the vegan claims ranking. Getrocknete Soybean Pinienneck and Hirse flock is sometimes demanding. The carp may well absorb requirements if it is wrong with Vitamin C foods. A gut tip so: A glass of orange juice (especially Vitamin C) to Essen dazu

Calcium: Broccoli and green chalks are potassium

knobs and cherries in human carp are best used in calcium. There are also many sources of livelihood

Minerals or contaminated vegan Milch (etwa Soy, Hafer, Mandel Milk) are among the best in vegans. Common, the particular case Calcium contains the spec Rucola Greenland and Broccoli

Grünkohl contains relatively many potassium.
                                         Source: Carmen Jaspersen / dpa

Iodine: Essential trace element by iodine-salt and multicellular

Iodine is important for the function of the thyroid. Thereby, under the other stuff, the stumbling block and the stall will be destroyed. Iodine deficiency may be particularly appealing to children.

Most likely, vegans can care for Jews, in them iodine-salt nehmen. A regular supermarket dining room contains iodine. Extra is still a Multiple sales available

Zinc: These sealants contain special zinc

The trace element Zinc is and were subject to Stoffwechselvorgängen im Körper. There is also a lot to do for the health or the waiting room

Zinc comes in lots of healthy food, mostly in co-operatives or cores. Belonging to the bullring Moonshows Cherries Sunflowers and Reading names

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Up to Vitamin B12 can provide the vegan diet with the human carpenter with all important substances nourishing substances . Studies have shown that Vegan is more likely to live together with Fleischessner. They have more frequent diseases, less selenium, and a better environment. Meat production is much more environmentally friendly, supports lots of CO2 and uses lots of water. Because Vegan is away from the meat, it damages those negative environmental influences.

Consideration – Risk

A major constraint is only on vegan nutrition and on pregnant, sedentary and small children. For these person groups, the critics still lose their substance . The DGE is urgently requesting davon ab, to be in the aforementioned cases of vegan. Otherwise it can come to heavy and remaining shacks.

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