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"We did not find each other" – Aldi Suisse succeeds Migros as main sponsor of Open Air St.Gallen – Migros spokesman says about the loss

Aldi Suisse becomes the new main sponsor for Open Air St.Gallen. The 44th edition of the OASG from 25 to 28 June 2020 will take place without the support of Migros. Andreas Bühler, media spokesman for Migros Eastern Switzerland, says there is no common denominator.

Rossella Blattmann and Raphael Rohner

  In 2020 Aldi Suisse presents the new Open Air St. t Gallen. Migros is off stage. (Image: Adriana Ortiz Cardozo)

In 2020, Aldi Suisse presents the new Open Air St. Gallen. Migros is off stage. (Image: Adriana Ortiz Cardozo)

The migrants disappear from the Sittertobelen. Aldi Suisse is now taking on the role of main sponsor of the traditional festival. The Writing of Discounter and Open Air St. The bile on Tuesday in a joint statement. With the first presentation of the festival, Aldi Suisse wants to further expand its involvement in the areas of culture and promotion of music. Aldi Suisse fits perfectly with its values ​​"young and dynamic" to the festival in Sittertobel, it says. Together they wanted to create a sustainable festival and added value for the visitors.

Aldi Suisse particularly wanted to support regional artists. On the one hand with "Musig uf de Gass", which on the occasion of the open air offers a stage exclusively to regional bands, on the other hand also with performance opportunities on scenes in the Sittertobel itself. All these tasks have so far been performed by Migros. Why did the change happen? Was it a sound between sponsors and organizers? Was it about money?

Various ideas

The sponsorship agreement between Migros and Open Air St. Gallen had gone out with the issue of 2019, said Andreas Bühler, spokesman for Migros Eastern Switzerland, on Tuesday. They had talked to the organizers of Open Air St. The gall of an extension of the contract. There was no common denominator.

"Migros and the open air had different ideas." He could not tell if there were financial deviations. What exactly means by different ideas therefore remains unclear. Bühler says: "We didn't find each other." But it is not true that Migros could not afford to sponsor the festival, he adds.

18 years as main sponsor is over

  Andreas Bühler, Media spokesman Migros eastern Switzerland. (Image: PD)

Andreas Bühler, media spokesman for Migros eastern Switzerland. (Image: PD)

Since 2001, Migros has been the main sponsor of the Sittertobel festival. The fact that the collaboration with Open Air St. Gallen ends after 18 years hurt for Migro's spokesman. "We regret it." At the same time, Bühler emphasizes that Migros does not embark on a new strategy in the cultural field. Migros remains the main sponsor for other Swiss and East Swiss festivals, such as Open Air Frauenfeld. »

Migros will also be present on the summer days in Arbon," Stars in Town "in Schaffhausen and Open Air Val Lumnezia will continue to be present for the next three years. "It was a nice partnership with Open Air St. Gallen," says Bühler. Migros wishes the festival all the best for the future, with the organizers still understanding each other well.

In June, Migros undertook me to sponsor

Just a few months ago, it sounds different. At the end of June, the sponsor of Migros Eastern Switzerland told the newspaper: "You can hardly imagine St. Gallen without open air. That is why this sponsorship fits in with Migros." So, with Aldi Suisse, a retail competitor takes the prominent advertising presence. Does it make it special? No, Andreas Bühler assures. It makes no difference who walks in Migro's footsteps in Sittertobel. One thing is certain: with Aldi, Open Air St. Gallen found a financially strong remuneration. Sponsorship of major events, however, is a new territory for the Swiss liberator of the German discount.

Some innovations – what exactly is left open

  Nora Fuchs, spokeswoman for Open Air St.Gallen. (Photo: Fabienne Engbers / FM1 Today)

Nora Fuchs, media spokeswoman for Open Air St.Gallen. (Photo: Fabienne Engbers / FM1 Today)

They chose Aldi Suisse as their new partner because they value sustainability, quality and regionalism, says Nora Fuchs, Open Air St. media spokeswoman. Gallen. Aldi Suisse is already a partner at the Greenfield Festival and Royal Arena. "Aldi Suisse suits our audience." They had conversations and together decided to end the partnership. What exactly will change in the future remains open. Fuchs says: "Aldi Suisse will offer some new features for visitors in the future, which we will be releasing only at the end of the month."

In the future, there will still be a young talent scene, says Fuchs. She doesn't want to say more right now. Fuchs does not want to say how much money Aldi Suisse offered the festival.

"Crucial to the decision was not the sponsorship amount, but the appropriate total package."

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