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Volkswagen recalls Polo and Seat models

Volkswagen recalls 219,000 polo copies of the current model year due to problems with the rear tension on the backrest. The revocation also deals with 191 & # 39; 000-seat models of the Ibiza and Arona series, whose buckles are the same configured.

As VW spokeswoman Karin Schuler told BLICK, 2621 vehicles suffered in Switzerland. The callback begins shortly. «Vehicle owners are informed in writing and are asked to agree on a free installation agreement with a Volkswagen Service Partner.»

Do not use the seat of the rear seat as a precaution

The affected vehicles can be affected by fast track changes with five people on board. A Volkswagen spokesman said on Friday in Wolfsburg that two buckles on the back seat were pushed over each other and the lock on the outer left seat jumped inadvertently.

VW has developed a technical solution that prevents this. This should be done through recall and through a production change for the current generation pole. Until then all affected cars could still be used safely in road traffic ̵

1; but Volkswagen recommended its customers not to use the backseat's center first.

The technical deficiency was discovered by a Finnish newspaper during a test. (SDA / cf.)

Published on 11.05.2018 | Updated 18:45

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