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Volkswagen: Beetle Caravan and Folk Festival – AutoSprintCH

HUN RUNS AND RUNS On April 29, 1948, Amag signed the "Volkswagen" import contract. In early May 1948, the first 25 VW bites were rolled from Wolfsburg via Lörrach to Switzerland.

After a photograph, the Beetle caravan rolled at an average speed of 40 km / h towards Lucerne. At the stations there was always applause.

70 years later, Swiss owners of 25 noodles resumed the historic moment. The wagon is the prelude to the anniversary celebration. Beetle Caravan began on May 5 – a revival of the first border crossing in 1948.

Success through robust quality and service
The Volkswagen triumph procession in Switzerland was based on robust, easy and repair-friendly technology. Quality, services and a tight network of agents. For many years, VW Beetle was the most widely used car type in Switzerland. The combination of quality, price and service was crucial. Thanks to increasing gross domestic product and VW Beetle, more and more Swiss drivers became possible.

Big party in August in Interlaken
The highlight of the year is Interlaken. Due to the airfield loading this weekend on 25 and 26 August 2018 to a Volkswagen Volksfest. A meeting of vehicles from the last 70 years, taxi tours with the TCR car version of Golf GTI, Lunapark, a terrain course, but also a glimpse of the e-mobility future of the brand awaits visitors. The big party is general. Everyone is invited – customers, fans and friends of the Volkswagen brand. More information is available on the website.


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