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Van der Graaff's dream crime: Swiss defeat for World Cup start

No Swiss exploitation in sprint at the World Championship in Seefeld. Laurien van der Graaff fails in the quarterfinals. Nadine Fähndrich makes it to the semi-finals.

Laurien van der Graaff dreamed of winning a medal at the World Championship in Seefeld. After winning the World Cup last year, she now wanted double. But the dream fails early despite Mujinga Kambundji's tips. Even in the quarterfinals, Davos woman with Dutch roots fails.

"I tried everything and there was not so much missing," says Van der Graaff, who has already missed a strong form throughout the season. Because it's their latest World Cup, the medal dream erupted. "I feel quite the number right now. That's it."

On Sunday she joins Nadine Fähndrich in the team sprint. But as this is run in the classic technique, chances are low.

Gold for Falla and Kläbo

Fähndrich does it a little better than Van der Graaff reaches the semifinals after all, but fails there as the third of his run. Disappointed, especially when the Lucerne woman qualified for the knockout scene with the second best prologue.

The gold goes to the Norwegian Maiken Caspersen Falla She wins in front of Stina Nillson (SD) and Mari Eide (no.)

Men's favorite is Johannes Hösflot Kläbo (No) before Federico Pellegrino (It) and Gleb Retiwich (Russ). Sergei Ustyugov, Norwegian cut the Russians off the road, after which Ustyugov drives him in the goal

Schweizen does not succeed, Jovian Hediger, Roman Furger and Jason Rüesch fail in the qualification. stuck in the quarterfinals.

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