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US President Trump wants to change colors for the Air Force One

There is a legendary flight of the world. Plan spotters got their eyes on Augen, who screamed Maschine of the US Presidents. Well, Trump will make the special Boeing 747 with no colors.

The new Air Force One design will have a stronger occupation for national flag, soft US president Donald Trump (73) in an interview with the transmitter "FOX News »:« I'm allowed the concept of Rot, Weiss and Blue », so Trump on Friday. "The baby blue of the Kennedy era does not fit in with it."

The cyber and whispering of the particularly prestigious US president machine should be heard in the past. Have an "ABC News" interview hated Trump with a design work in the camera and said: "Here's a new Air Force One." There are other things for other presidents, not for me.

"FOX" called the US President, the Baby Blue Design was designed by Jacqueline "Jackie" Kennedy, the wife of President John F. Kennedy. You can see Kennedys Tod the grisly reed Aristotle Onassis and after these night names. "" It was Jackie O., and is in order, "soft Trump. «Aber we have our own Jackie O. Sie hoist Melania. Melania T. »Thinking, a new paint was" better suited to the machine, "reads off, if the design of later wife was born.

Congress dismissed

The defense budget for 2020 required many higher costs for that umlack of Air Force One like that cost, of those Trump still two years. Even the interior needs to be more luxurious. Separating the End of Congress

The Air Force One still has its true design in 1962, as President Kennedy replaces a president's machine in business. Damals was a converted Boeing 707. The first Boeing 747 as Air Force One comb 1990 for President George H. W. Bush to the end

The mid-to-32-year-old Airplane aircraft will be bailed except for service. Trump will, until 2024, double the new Airplane for 3.9 billion dollars. "For other people," who is being told. (KES)

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