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Update 10.5 from today for Fallout 76


            Michael Sosinka

Bethesda today publishes Update 10.5 for "Fallow 76", on the PC about 1 GB and on consoles more than 3 GB gross. The new update includes several error messages in all game modes and offers some design changes to "Nuclear Winter". Zudem changes the status of "Nuclear Winter" with Pre-Beta on Beta with the update. There Changelog has all the details.


Nuclear Winter ̵
1; Design Modifications

Resilient and Beute

  • Support: Supports players – thanks to a head covering and an outfit – in the Atomic Shop can support their favorites Acquire Nuclear Winter Concentration.
  • Automatic Campaign: Find a Small Preschooler Box as a Pre-existent Existent Container in the World.
  • Machine Guns: Find in the middle leather as found in small Vorrats. [19659008] Former coffins: In some ducks, in these more coffins as a well-cared-for mind, the incitement of predatory coffers is adapted.


  • Rasender Schmerz: The effect of this Skills is completely ignorant for the use and design of this new one. For example, as much as 30% TP slows down the action points by about 25%.


  • Terminals: The ZAX terminals have been added to the new interface, which can be requested with 100 consecutive hits.


  • Tutorials: The Skill-Karten menu of Nuclear Winter is given a "More Information" – Scroll Panel, with the Skill-Karting Tutorial being opened up.

Abentures and Survivors – Error Messages

Art And graphics [Power]: The power-saving lacquer Heavy Shutter makes it easier for you to see no more of the power-saving chassis, and the eye-catchers of the headlights are customized. 2 or Mk 3 does not obstruct the vision of players with a heavy weapon in the spectator perspective by stahlteile.
  • Estimates: A real problem Obstacles to the blockage of the characters.
  • Waffen: The Erste-Responder lacquer of the pump run is not properly set and shell damping modes
  • CAMP, Repair and Workstations

    • Exploit: Ein Exploit
    • Painter: Getting a Fehler due to the fact that the Red-Rocket-Mega table still has the most vulnerable attacks left with damage caused by tracing track players.


    • Peng-Fu: Das VATS is no longer automatically shut down, as one may be tampered with with Peng-Fu Skill-equipped card

    Power and Stability

    • Performance: Improved CAMP lead times when connecting to the game ground and still fast.
    • Stability : On PC, there is access to other applications via speeding through an active event, no more that the game client manages to shut down.
    • Stability: These are a rare problem with speeding, speeding or loading the game. auftreten
    • Stabilitet: Some of the rare problems with the card are clicks on the map markers, a "courtesy" teammates were exempted. Start scarf "Straight sauber"

    Utility cabinet

    • Character score: During the manufacture of a new one A character emerges from a world of inactivation, none of which suggests that in the past, a new world of telescope will disappear.

    Nuclear Winter – Fault Management

    deactivated Nuclear Winter Matches by the Grass and Board.
  • Graph: When the limit of limit is not exceeded, when playing the player in the vicinity
  • Graphics: Includes a graphics error, which during the interchange The storms in these walls could be compared.
  • Lighting: Inside Vault 51, it was not possible to move better, so we can start a match with one of their box definitions.
  • CAMPs

    • Blaupausen : Spieler können neren in Nuclear Winter Blaupausen, who in other game modes is the Skills Delegator or Wissenschaft. In the first place, all objects became a Blaupause, which depicted these Skills – in particular protective cases or cases – encroaching on a Nuclear Winter match.
    • Blaupausen: Foreclosure, plotting a Blaupause in Nuclear Winter, did not represent any skill requirements that were More Advanced or Knowledge More
    • Baumenü: During Nuclear Winter Matches, few water, travel and recreation trips can be found more in the area


    • Fight: The Challenge Description "Schliesse Matches ab" become a Nuclear Winter a "loss that matches not present" changes, better flatten those soul folders.
    • Convenient Challenges: The challenging Nuclear Winter Challenges cannot be released more than once per day, and targeted challenges become active.


    • Mirelurks: Staying on the Spa in the New River Gorge Resort No More


    • RAD Fasers: Consequences of regular RADs in candidates in the environment


    • Frog shell: The description of the skill-map frog is updated to "leap slightly higher", about Appreciate the description of power in the Pip-Boy genre.
    • Front end: Enhanced nun was provided for automatically reloading the correct spanner. about 120%.


    • Head coverings: Pirscher-Halstuch, Pirscher Glasses, Fallman mask (Ödland) and fall counter cabin (Ödland) can no longer be used for outfits if the oldest combatant in the Atomic Shop at the favorites for Nuclear Winter
    • Holoband: Vault-51-Holoband could not be removed in more than one container.
    • Ends: One possible meeting for a meeting fair is being invoked, since this weapon is available in Nuclear Winter cousin
    • Magazine: Single Magazine, which has just been revamped with the cover, has been changed.
    • Magazine: Die Dauer the AP reduction achieved by "Everything for Pfadfinder, expense 8" is obtained from 30 minutes on 1 hour, was with other magazine effects in Nuclear Winter in recent years.
    • Power support: The player does not lose more power, if it is When attempting to counteract the weather exposure of a match-friendly team member,
    • Power Outsourcing: During the time of power-saving, a key to weather exposure, a teammate is pushed to a halt, no longer does that support not respond more.

    19659007] Verbindungsabbrüche: An enhancement is realized, thanks to which the selenium enters, that the player can still find a Nuclear The winter matches of a server were separated
  • Verbindungsabbrüche: Weather cavities Maintaining and capturing games from a team does not create much more that the connection to this player is interrupted.
  • Performance: Wenn im C.A.M.P. Crippled transmitters from storms were disturbed, they no longer carry out buses. Serving Abstraction of Servers in the End of a Nuclear Winter Matches
  • Stability: Some were experiencing two abstinence problems that could be abolished in Nuclear Winter-Zuschauer Mode
  • Utility Opportunity

    • Compass: Needed a Fault, The compasses false teammates' markings were shown.
    • Compass: MG guardian turquoise markings in the compass do not appear to be more hostile to the player who harassed them.
    • Exploit: Become an Exploit, Through It Player in Vault 51 received a weapon.
    • Exploit: One exploit is needed, because the Spieler in Vault 51 could stand a Match that other people can access Candidates
    • Favorites: Player can not mark nuclear start codes as favorites anymore
    • HUD: A single Fehler on Xbox is needed to prevent the use of non-functional elements under certain circumstances Available user-friendly scans and matching matches
    • Locality: In the Russian game client version, the operating instructions are still starting to properly transfer an atomic disk
    • Locality: In the Japanese version of the game clients, no search is possible Delete "Separate" on dotted Skill Maps
    • Location: In the non-English versions of game clients, the text on the "More Information" site of Nuclear Winter is not included.
    • Map: If you are there Swinging, the limits of the storms were not correctly corrected on the map.
    • Match Results: One error Needless to say, due to the location of the players in the match-results display area under circumstances,
    • Match Results: Character write-offs that have been obtained better are not more in "Affordable Conditions" – Match Matches Results Graphs
    • Match Results: Starting an atomic link via Pip-Boy or Favorites-Menu to the right does not show you that the match-performance monitor is not displayed
    • Benchrichtigigungen: At Spielern, those who are familiar, like Beenden von Nuclear Winter in an adventure mode world-class team leader, are following those directions to follow an inquiry into the new world and the search for a world not listed.
    • Skill menu: a bug are needed, due to the Skill menu in relation to Skill-Karts selection under circumstances not responded more often.
    • Photo Mode: Nuclear Winter Photo Mode Rahm And showing off was the Atomic Shop Logo on when they were in the Photo mode.
    • Practical-CAMP-Assistance: Both plateaus and their CAMP-Bausatzes were found to have been carrying the boat and reshaping the Bausatz.
    • Practical CAMP Resistance: Obtaining a Fault Due to the Quick-Boy User Interface Existed during Placement of a Practical CAMP Bauses
    • Exit Mode: In Single Matches Replaces For the Encounter Banner, which deals with the fewer features
    • Exit mode: Beim Zuschauer does not zoom the game camera anymore, if it is related player over Kimme and grain.
    • Subwoofer mode: The Rotary-dish icon, highlighted the city, in the player's death, the tattered player is not told any more. Only those team mates can be said
    • Statistics: When last team members are tampered with, during all their team mates, they are capable of combining these games, which are responsible for their performance – as long as they play. still alive
    • Terminals: A leather second page of a Terminal tags in Vault 51 is removed
    • Tutorials: More Faithful Tutorials Nuclear Winter hinzugefügt.


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