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Union Ufo: No strike at Lufthansa, but with their daughters

First, the Cabin Crew trade union extended its strike body to Eurowings and Co. At the same time, she no longer wants to work at Lufthansa.

On Monday, the independent air force organization Ufo called the Lufthansa flight attendants for Sunday in Frankfurt and Munich to strike. On Friday (October 18), the planned labor conflict took several turns. On the one hand, the union announced that it would extend the strike to the other German airlines in the Lufthansa group. After employers rejected UFO's demands and rejected negotiations, they now call Sunday "all employees of Sun Express Germany, Lufthansa Cityline, German Wings and Eurowings in a temporary strike during the period 05:00 to 11:00 on", it said .

Lufthansa also spoke out, saying that cabin crew members at Lufthansa's airlines would receive a 2 percent higher compensation with retroactive effect from July 1

, 2019. This is a "one-sided promise" because "with UFO, this implementation is not possible on because of the lack of representation power of the union's executive committee and the lack of customs, "Lufthansa wrote. Ufo had previously demanded an increase of 1.8 percent.

No strike at Lufthansa, but at Eurowings and Co.

According to DPA News Agency, a UFO spokesman initially criticized that voluntary payment was something quite different from a collective bargaining agreement. Shortly thereafter, the union welcomed the move but then with a message and said the strike at the airline: "With Lufthansa announced (above) compliance with our compensation requirement of 1.8 percent with a voluntary increase of 2 percent at the end of the year," said Ufo planned for the Sunday warning rate at Lufthansa German Airlines from. "

But it only applies to Lufthansa itself, Ufo spokesman Nicoley Baublies made it clear shortly thereafter. The strike for the other four airlines in the group continues. content, with Eurowings around pensions.

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