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Uncertainty at EU summit – After Brexit is ahead of East enlargement – News

  • After the Brexit power act, the European Union's closeness is there again – with issues such as financial planning from 2021 and EU enlargement lying far apart,
  • As net borrowers, states such as Germany and Austria are allowed, This is limited to 1.0 percent of EU economic performance in the household.
  • A six-month debate is also scheduled for Friday night as well as a decision on EU accession talks from Northern Macedonia and Albania.

In addition to the Commonwealth, Chancellor Angela Merkel and her colleagues report on the second day of the EU summit in Brussels with the future EU Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen and also on the strategic goals for the next five years.

Frames of the EU household demanded from the people more money for climate protection, digital, innovation, for exercise and development. It said it was crucial to strengthen the modernization part of financial planning. However, for our unification there is still a "strong piece of work". They lie very far apart, softly from the Leyen. An EU diplomat said: "We expect difficult talks."

Financial surplus for Germany

Austrian Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein on Friday indicated that Brexit planned for the end of October is one of the largest contributors. If the Community household is not to be severely reduced after Brexit, the missing funds have already been levied by other states. . In addition, between these differences, Germany was paid for and re-raised in 2027 to a minimum of up to € 35 billion.

In addition to its household size, its use and potential discounts on contributions payable to the member state are disputed. For example, countries such as Poland are vehemently opposed to proposed cuts in funds for structurally weak regions and countries such as France and Ireland against the aid of agricultural aid.

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In the EU Summit is the heads of state and government never end.


The aim is for Finland to present a detailed draft for the household from December 2021 to 2027 as the current chair of the EU states at the summit from December 2021 to 1967.

A decision on EU accession talks of Northern Macedonia and Albania is also delayed. Austrian Chancellor Bierlein regretted that no unification was found. "I stand for the solidarity of the European Union and also for the security of the region for no good signs."

Lagarde officially new ECB President

Folding up the box [19659019] Closing persons box

EU states have officially appointed former IMF chief Christine Lagarde as president of the European Central Bank (ECB). The decision captures the EU Heads of State and Government at the EU Summit in Brussels.

Lagarde tweeted, felt honored, to follow the posts of Mario Draghi, and asked for cooperation with the ECB workforce. Dragon's office period ends on October 31st. EU chiefs had the 63-year-old Frenchman ready to nominate for the post in July. The approval on the EU summit had a symbolic character. In September, the EU Parliament gave its formal approval.

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