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Turkey: Erdogan is still the civilian elections in Istanbul.

Triumph für Ekrem Imamoglu: The CHP politician won the Bürgermeisterwahlen in Istanbul haushoch Image: EPA / CHP PRESS OFFICE


Weshalb the Ära Erdogan nowadays faster if you think [19659005] Istanbul's civilian whales mark a Zäsur. The Turkish-expert Günter Seufert says in the interview, the situation for President Erdogan was always unambiguous.

Ekrem Imamoglu held 54% of the vote at the Bürgermeisterwahl in Istanbul on Sunday. Der von Erdogan unterstützte AKP-Candidate Binali Yildirim comes to 45%. Warum won the CHP politician so late?
Günter Seufert:
Even after the parliamentary elections of one year, in Turkey, one discourse about missing legitimacy has resumed. However, opposition voices have been made mundtot, demonstrating that at Institutions there was no direct choice at all. So many citizens were arrested under godly grounds. The cancellation was the first civilian election on March 31

, saying that some of the ballads are partisan and the wool is most likely not to contain many AKP glasses anymore. Also, they see even more misconduct and more party involvement in the institution.

The AKP party was calling on their own party?
The party of President Erdogan originally acted as a reform party. You pledge a solution to the conflict with the burden, plundered for a common Islamic brotherhood and become the backbone of the liberal Turks and Turks. The AKP ranks in one of its boundaries with the MHP legal expressions and propagates an ethnic-Turkish nationalism. For many eccentric Wähler, the AKP set up in the last few years as a major Entsäuchung heraus.

Turkey-Experte Günter Seufert. so many more voices were heard than at the first election end of March?
Yes, under another. The success of Imamoglu also depends on the fact that the AKP government does not impose any overwhelming reforms on the economic crisis in the country alone. The worklessness rises, and sorrows fall upon the strong Teuerung. However, Erdogan is reinforcing this confrontational rhetoric of Europe and the United States – the Teilen of the world, coming from these investments in Turkey. It doesn't matter, in spite of this: The case crisis is aggravated.

Who struck up for the success of Imamoglu was denounced with the right-wing national party? This is also possible, even for conservative purposes. Otherwise, the box is also strongly supported by the pro-Kurdish HDP. There is still no storage space in Turkey. Despite the ideological heterogeneity of these parties, there is a strong common denominator: the Ablehnung of the Autocracy of President Erdogan. Imamoglus says that Movement has come into Turkish politics.

When Erdogan became 1994's civilian minister of Istanbul, he said: "Wherever Istanbul governs, governs Turkey." lost?
In the end, it is said that at the earliest times of 16 years, the possibility of a decline of the AKP and contour is gaining. The party loses its hegemonic position in Turkey. These were not forgotten: This AKP has never lost in Istanbul that Kommunalwahlen lost, even in most other people, are modern, dynamic centers. So in Izmir, Antalya, Ankara and Eskisehir. It is said that the centers, which are produced, are the best universities of the country, where the most active entrepreneurs are located, where the best affairs still exist in Europe.

Türkinnen in Istanbul im Freudentaumel. Image: EPA / EPA

Warum is the most important city in Istanbul, so important?
With 16 million homes, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. They are firmly rooted in a district of the Turkish national authorities. The wholesome businesses had their Sitz. For the AKP, Istanbul was the largest financial resource. Fell away, is the engraver when the AKP saw cities in Anatolia justify losing that opposition.

Who's gross is the name of the game room at all?
The big question is not told whether Istanbul is bound to be. In the past, he has indeed been prepared for such decrees that have been used, to influence his interests. However, Imamoglu, with the other great CHP city affairs, who welcomed the central government, became aware of the presidents and their ACPs, became aware of it.

For which policy does Imamoglu endure?
Specific sights must not, though Imamoglu Politics, do in terms of ideological grabs of seeds and secularists or terrorists and curators. Bisher power is made the second time. Focuses on ideological issues of discrepancy concentrating on key issues.

There is social policy theme, engaging in women's and youth policy, developing programs that address the high unemployment rate, better education, and the City Army route. There is a single transparency anti-corruption discourse and direct burial support. It is said that he is a civilian of all Istanbul. Ready, saw all of you. Against others, one does not like it either, [20659008] 2023 is in the Turkish Presidency. Could there be any of Imamoglu's halls until then?
Of course, until the next presidential elections do not last so long. In doing so, two initiatives are under way to create new parties, which are set up on the AKP's wholesaler basis. Getting these sustenance and sincerity comes true, the government must not cope with the CHP, with the help of fellow believers in their own travel agencies. When you get there, the next state presidential election will be outdone everything else.

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