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Trump ranks 6th – the last seven presidents – News Economy: Economy

Donald Trump has recently implemented a wavy election tactic that only he can possibly come up with in this form. In a speech in New Hampshire, he let his audience know that the presidential election in the coming year is in principle decided – in his favor, namely: Since the victory of all other candidates would collapse the stock market and the American pension would thus spread, people would somehow be forced to vote for him. After all, by logic, no one would vote against their own handbag. "Whether you love me or hate me, you have to vote for me," Trump said.

If the world were stock markets, he might even be right: The Dow Jones index has risen 30 percent since Trump's inauguration, this is a decent, if not a peak, compared to its younger predecessors: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and George HW Bush (the senior) were able to post even higher rate gains after a good two and a half years in the service.

But it is not just the stock market, from the current president's perspective, is more phenomenal ever. Rather, virtually everything he handles, Trump, is breaking record ̵

1; whether stock exchanges, employment, growth or tax rates. On Tuesday, for example, he reported plans to cut taxes on capital gains, which would be good for the wealthy. "Never in our country's history has the economy been as strong as it is today" is a standard judgment that should not be missed in any of its speeches.

However, these are desires, as a detailed analysis of the Bloomberg news agency revealed recently. According to George W. Bush, who led the world into the financial and economic crisis of 2008 and 2009, Trump is still only in sixth place among the seven last US presidents, despite Jimmy Carter, himself many US citizens considered the weakest head of state in recent history .

Bloomberg used 14 economic indicators to calculate rankings – from the number of employees to the dollar's external value, salary trends and car sales at house prices. The result is clear: the best economic development occurred under Clinton, who achieved one of the top positions in almost all categories. In second place is Obama, whose record Trump always guessed, but the US economy after the Great Crisis in 2009 returned to a rate of modest but steady growth, thus laying the foundation for today's president's economic success. If you look at key figures such as GDP and unemployment, you will see that Trump's numbers are no more and no less than a mere update of Obama's values.

Republicans were once considered to be the party of budget discipline.

With Ronald Reagan, the first Republican is ranked third, followed by George HW Bush and Carter. The sixth-placed Trump is ranked first among the number of employees in the manufacturing sector, and in the other categories it is behind. During its efforts, this is particularly bad for productivity growth and the budget situation: only during the current fiscal year will the budget deficit probably amount to about one trillion dollars. Republicans were once considered to be the party of fiscal discipline.

However, Trump does not disturb such contradictions, he rather thinks he could lead the US economy to completely different heights, did not consider him unfair trading partners like China and probably incompetent monetary politicians permanently back. "Despite the terrible lack of vision," Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and his colleagues said every day, the US economy was "very strong," the president said at the beginning of the week.

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