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Trump could endanger that relationship

 Sunrise has been working with Huawei since 2012 in Switzerland. (Image: Aladin Klieber / PD)

Sunrise has been working in Switzerland since 2012 with Huawei. (Image: Aladin Klieber / PD)

In a barely noticed document, Sunrise warns its shareholders about Huawei's own dependency. Since the US government put the Chinese on a black list, this 5G technology had to restore its US components.

Stefan Häberli

Washington has Huawei in the The Swiss cabinets taken. The Chinese companies should be told because of their dominance as a networking equipment vis-à-vis the Trump administration. In this field, the Chinese have outperformed European competitors Ericsson and Nokia. They are leading the way in building the 5G mobile radio network. This is exactly what the Americans need to do.

"We are heavily dependent"

In Switzerland, Sunrise has been working closely with Huawei since 2012. The partnership has paid off. She has raised the Sunrise network at eye level with someone from Swisscom. The Choice Site of Success: Sunrise is only good, as long as it's Huawei. Both companies have signed an outsourcing contract. By 2023, Huawei will be exclusively responsible for equipment, installation, operation and maintenance of the Sunrise networks.

Such dependency on a single supplier is usually a clumping risk. However, the times are not usual: Last December, the Huawei CFO and daughter of corporate founders on investigations into the US was arrested in Vancouver. She is being accused of imposing US sanctions on Iran on a Hong Kong law firm. On May 16, 2019, the US Department of Commerce Huawei also put on the Entity List, a kind of black list. Since then, it has been investigated by American companies to supply the corporation with certain goods, software or technologies.

Because the US government granted a certain grace period to some companies; these must continue to do business with Huawei. However, the deadline runs on November 19. Even so, sales in Huawei were not prohibited without exception. Companies can apply to the Ministry of Commerce for a special permit, in order to continue to require Huawei credentials. US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross tweeted last week that only 260 corresponding entries were seen. Those licenses would be postponed in a short time. However, according to Ross, companies should make a decisive decision.

In April, Sunrise President Peter Kurer said in an interview with the NZZ on the subject of Huawei: "We are not dependent on Huawei." has, by the way, looks different: "We depend heavily on our technology partner Huawei, which is a major factor in the strategy and performance of our infrastructure." The continued use of devices and technology by Huawei could have a negative impact on reliable operation and To maintain the network, Sunrise holds on. Possibly, short-term alternatives in Huawei had to be found. However, this could be considered "very difficult, costly or potentially impossible".

On the one hand, such warnings should not be overlooked. Shareholder-directed documents often strike an alarmist tone. Therefore, the companies wanted to file a complaint against the motto "we have also warned yes". On the other side, Sunrise seems to take the vehicle seriously. At the end of September, according to the document "ready to review the extent of our relationship with Huawei". A Sunrise spokesperson dismissed the question as to whether this review had been completed. She makes clear that the areas of IT and networking are growing stronger. That is why Sunrise glides on and enhances its features. In the construction and operation of the mobile radio network, the companies are already working together before joining Huawei.

Before Huawei landed on the black list, the company set up production of 5G equipment on US components as well. Some of these can also provide non-American companies with comparable quality; others can repair Huawei in Eigenregie. Since Huawei faces US hamster buy-out before US government decides to seize Xilinx cipher, alleged professionals here are the Achilles' heel of the group.

Do you want to drop a living passport?

Huawei chief Ren Zhengfei announced it in September recently, base stations (im Volksmund: cell phones) restarted their US components. By October, approximately 5,000 base stations would be produced. Since Huawei is expecting 1.5 million orders in the coming year, this number is already impressively low. In addition, those probably bought in stock and heavy replaceable chips from Xilinx would soon be missing.

Must Sunrise count with delivery passes? A Huawei spokesperson denies: "We are convinced that we can deliver." Whoever can be secured does not read them all. At Sunrise, other priorities need to be met. As of Monday night, Liberty Global, the owner of the cable network operator UPC, had the right to call a general meeting of Sunrise shareholders. If this does not happen, Sunrise will dissolve the purchase agreement on Tuesday. At least in its present form would be the controversial takeover of UPC history.

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