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Tropico 6: New DLC and free on Steam

To celebrate the new DLC Lobbyistico this weekend in Tropico 6, dictators who would be would release steam without plundering the Treasury.

Anyone who wants to try a banana republic as dictator gets the opportunity this weekend. The PC version of Tropico 6 is then free to play on Steam.

There is also a deeper reason for this, as Lobbyistico, the third DLC for Tropico 6, is now available. The European Union has arrived in the Tropico Islands with new features such as the El Presidente Club ̵

1; a great place to meet the best heads of state and lobbyists and discuss powerful and thoughtful political ideas with them. In addition, the Corruption Agency, an organization that provides its services to win the fight against corruption – or at least to wrap it under the rug.

Features according to manufacturer:

  • New game mechanics “Corruption”: Use the new “Lobbying” feature to gain access to extensive bonuses, but nothing is free – the resulting increase in corruption in your kingdom can have serious consequences.
  • 3 new buildings: The El Presidente Club allows deals in a dignified atmosphere, while the Corruption Bureau helps cover everything and you can invite the faction leaders to their official residence in exchange for political benefits.
  • 2 new features: polarization, everything for the people
  • 3 New Songs: Long Live Corruption, Club Party, Brussels Dances
  • 4 new customization options for El Prez and the palace, as well as 3 new sandbox cards

Tropico 6: Lobbyistico DLC is now available through the Kalypso Store and Steam; The PS4 and Xbox One versions will follow later. Of course, there is a new trailer to get you in the mood:

Tropico 6 – Lobbyistico DLC Trailer

To celebrate the release of Lobbyistico, the third DLC for Tropico 6, there is of course a trailer to bring you closer to the DLC.

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