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Transgender: If you like to treat children in the wrong way

Bub or Girl? Every day in Zurich alone 100 children and youths with this question were in the discussion. image: shutterstock

If you want to have a child in the wrong carpet

The soul of the cubs and girls who wish another sex, steigt. The diagnosis is done well before the school intrigue is set.

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The 5-year-old Luana likes to hit pink, often plays with nightwear and keeps her baby pants in her arms. It was not to come into the mind, to sink into the trash, who was to love his brother. So be it, so awkward, blush: Luana combs like Luca to the world. It's different, Eltern is ready.

With just a few, Luca says one of the other Buben's strong abusers. That was so. "I am not a kid, I know a girl," said the child still today. Luana, who is presented with a single Dok-Film, is not a single case. Today, a so-called sexual dysphoria is diagnosed with Buben and Mädchen as before our five years. Official Zahlen cases, but clinics specializing in the treatment of transit cases, reports strong rises. Many children and youths became biologically competent. It is worth mentioning that the Buben and Mädchen at the time of the diagnosis is more like the end years.

"Today we have received more requests from Eltern, third children or those in the primary school," said Tanja Martinez from the national Dachverband Transgender Network Switzerland. In some cases, backpacks are charged in the children's garden ̵

1; in age of 4 or 5 years. "The sex identity can look pretty." She doesn't know about boys who once play with buds, or girls who have bitten them. It is about children, who are completely complementary to other sex-related people. Heavily there are no handouts Criteria, even though they read it apart. One more important factor is whether a child is visibly guided, if such a biological gender is ordained. Daneben gives you a stop point: Mädchen, who wished to have long hair long, or buben, those questions, whether or not they fell during the winter. The words can be said, they are not

Today, there are 100 children in the year

The development is finally recognized in the schools. Learners and debtors report regularly to Transgender Network Switzerland. "You want her experiences, she was addressing the theme and having the kids around," said Martinez. Zudem füghogische Hochschulschule says curiosity pads, about those incited Lehrer to sensitize. This is why most of the youths like the others belong to the same family as friends, however, did not say much, said Dagmar Pauli, Head of the Child and Youth Psychiatry of the University Clinic in Zurich.

Heavily speaking, however, a detailed Zunahme of the notifications does. Even so, people can say that the youths are simply tearful, reporting to them. The matching annexe still doesn't go long. It was Pauli, who simplified our earliest years of the Swiss language. Mittlerweile are new arrivals, pickling meadows in Basel. "Before you go," said Pauli, "The theme was taboo." Zu beginn panted until five young men started Helping him, he is now round dog

"Trans ist en vouge»

Other experts say The very first cousin in one's own, explores a most appealing trend. For the sake of care, the interview a child psychiatrist in the magazine "Mirror": Alexander Korte, Oberarzt in the Clinic of the Universität München, will visit the Zunahme der Fälle Sorge. "We've been here with a Zeitgeist phenomenon here," he said. The Zahl der Diagnoses said today was so high that 2013. You were surprised by requests, the weather for new patients was up to one year. "The theme is simply a vogue." It does not apply to Germany and Switzerland.

In the United States, there is a study of 150000 teenager in age of 13 to 17 as a transgender. In the United Kingdom, over 2500 children reportedly reported to the facilities. 2010 was still 97. The World Health Organization has responded in June. Transgender-men gelt nicht longer as psychic sick. Short remained skeptical. Inexperienced people are involved, in this regard being transsexual act. Aber's Theme was just a bit hypocritical, though on Youtube, Instagram or in the TV show. At "Germany's Next Top Model", there are some of the best-in-the-art Transmitters for many minds that have become popular. In addition, there are a whole range of transactions, which have become stars on the social canals – with dozens of youthful followers. Short glaucomb for one night effect. On some patient lists, meadows and boys are worn – all in one age and all small villages in Bavarian. «The straightforward process of statistical instability.»

Suichfeldfahrste stecht

Die Zürcher Chefärztin Pauli seht das allerdings differently. Don't forget a time trial. "The suffering pressure transgender youths are often very gross," say. The rate of many people with depression, social and self-injury rates was particularly high in Transgender in adolescence. They are around 70%. "Warum should consider those concerned the same trends?" Pauli says. In fact, child psychiatrists from Fällen, in the days of the youths, saw: "Power, however, bring sustenance to me." With this extreme form Pauli was not confronted.

In stable and up-to-date transcendence in the youth age, people with cognizance of adolescent or obese people should not cope with long periods of time. At Kindern on the Primerstufe said different. Pauli advises you on the Internet, on offer and contacts: "If you are important, you are the last one, you were born." No child needed any medical treatment, neither did Freiraum and any categories define that gender. Even if you are a Child Psychiatrist Short. He annoys monkeys, so that he also holds another page: One does not cope with the concept of "trans", but they are so embarrassed. «If you don't know, your child is traveling through relationships – there's no need to know about any darling.»

The first transgender of the Pakistani TV Moderator

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