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Transfer Ticker: Abdou Diallo switches from Dortmund to Paris St-Germain

The most important Transfers of the summer 2019


Dialog for 32 million of BVB to PSG +++ Barça bot two stars plus high Sum for Neymar

Few important items to change and no exciting rumor more: Hollow you start the watson-transfer-push! So simple:

  1. Open watson app
  2. Click on the menu (the 3 colorful strips on the right side)
  3. Understand push settings
  4. The slider at the default push on "Set" . Forty!

Perfect Transfer to PSG

Transfer of Abdou Diallo von Borussia Dortmund to Paris St-Germain is perfect. The clear-cut serial master pays out a cash sum of 32 million euros for 23-year-olds, and stands up to a delay of up to 2024.

"This is a big deal, with such a dedicated club, PSG has said", so Diallo, with Dortmund the obligation of Mats Hummels was still second choice. "I have always noticed that this project is very attractive. The Change is one more important step in a number of careers. "" For Abdou, he has argued that he has another resurgence to meet and is economically fitting. As a result, the Wechsel zugestimmt, "BVB Sportdirektor Michael Zorc . (pre)

Abdou Diallo 🇫🇷
Position: Innenverteidiger
Age: 23
Marketplace: 35 million. Euro
Bilanz 201

8/19: 88 Spiele, 1 Tor

Coutinho, Dembélé und 40 Mio. zu wenig für Neymar

There FC Barcelona has access to a reverse of Neymar a more abfuhr eingeholt. Philippe Coutinho, Dembélé plus 40 million Euro is PSG club manager Nasser Al-Khelaifi paused. Gemäss «AS» Celtic al-Khelaifi the best of all, the Catalans Neymars Club Paris Saint-Germain interbreed, as «easy» ab.

Whoever "screams" those dealings "over unofficial canals" and with every single one Handler delivered. In the summer of 2017, Neymar was converted by 222 million euros from Barcelona to Paris. There was the most bitter transfer of football history. Neymar kokettierte will always be public with Barcelona. The 27-year-old past weeks blamed the training stroke of PSG, is found to be middle-aged monkey in Paris. (pre / sda)

Neymar 🇧🇷
Position: Linker Flügel
Age: 27
Marketplace: 180 million. Euro
Bilanz 2018/19: 28 Spiele, 23 Tore
Source: AS

Milan grants Calhanoglu an

Hakan Calhanoglu could return to the Bundesliga. The midfield field should be said to be mentioned RB Leipzig . Milan will be obliged to oblige Verteidiger Dayot Upamecano and have not included it, to pack Transfersum as well as Calhanoglu obndrauf. (ram)

Hakan Calhanoglu 🇹🇷
Age: 25
Marketplace: 20 million. Euro
Bilanz 2018/19: 46 Spiele, 4 Tore
Source: Sky Sport

Haller zum Medizincheck bei West Ham

Transfer of Sébastien Haller to West Ham United promotes unmittable. Those who have known Eintracht Frankfurt, have both pushed the clubs over the transfer modalities. "Inpatient services have Haller the absolute necessity for the medical examination in London," explained the club on Twitter.

Even information of transfermarkt.de receives Haller at the "Hammers" a fffhresh contract. That loss lies at 40 million euros and may still be anwachsen based on inherited success rates. (pre)

Sébastien Haller 🇫🇷
Position: Sturm
Age: 25
Marketplace: 40 million. Euro
Bilanz 2018/19: 41 Spiele, 20 Tore

Mandzukic kein Thema in München

Der Kroate Mario Mandzukic did not return to Bayern Munich. "This direction has not been planted", commented President-in-Office Karl-Heinz Rummenigge of the equivalent Gerüchte. Mandzukic steht until 2021 at Juventus unter Vertrag. (ram)

Mario Mandzukic 🇭🇷
Position: Sturm
Age: 33
Marktwert: 18 Mio. Euro
Bilanz 2018/19: 33 Games, 10 Tore
Source: Kicker

Interested in Tottenham and Bale

Is there a return of Gareth Bale and his old office? Tottenham Hotspur engages with the Real Madrid waltz Waliser. The Londoner will be preparing to pay 50 to 60 million euros in cash. Everybody's Bale on a Halibut Are Quality of Still 17 Million Euro unique. I did not want to say more, those "Spurs" pointed out agents. This commented button: "To such a marvelous saga i nichts." (Ram)

Gareth Bale
Position: Rechtsaussen
Age: 30
Marktwert: 60 Mio . Euro
Bilanz 2018/19: 42 Games, 14 Tore
Source: Marca

Neymar confirms Wechselwunsch

With a week of slacking, Neymar retired in Paris Saint-Germain. At the same time, Brazilian people with PSG sports director Leonardo, among other things, took personal and non-telephone calls over their switch slides in picture. (ram)

Neymar 🇧🇷
Position: Linker Flügel
Age: 27
Marktwert: 180 Mio. Euro
Bilanz 2018/19: 28 Spiele, 23 Tore
Source: ESPN

Delph zu Everton

There FC Everton has served with Meister Manchester City. Middlefield player Fabian Delph attributed to the "Toffees" a delay over rotating years. Over the height of the 29th anniversary, with one more city-to-2020 treaty, both Vereine swayed. (abu)

Fabian Delph 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Position: Zentrales Mittelfeld
Age: 29
Marktwert: 15 Mio. Euro
Bilanz 2018/19: 11 Game, 1 Vorlage

Bayern and Dortmund hunting Russians

Bislang was the Transfmerser Bayern Munich's cousin of Erfolg crowned. Nun had said the German Meister said next soul ins Auge: Von ZSKA Moscow will be the Russian Sturm talent Fedor Chalov. That way, there will be planted transfers from Leipzig's Timo Werner to the ebenfalls ins stocken.

But that Munich is not all in your home around Chalov. Borussia Dortmund also wants Stürmer to have his own rig. (abu)

Fedor Chalov 19
Position: Sturm
Age: 21
Marketplace: 16 million. Euro
Bilanz 2018/19: 30 Games, 15 Tore
Source: tz.de

Joelinton wohl in Newcastle

Hoffenheim and Newcastle United have an offer of a transfer Joelinton filed. This should be fixed, if the Premier League club Steve Bruce has definitely been named as a new coach. Ready to say that Joselu Newcastle is abandoned. The Spaniard shifts in the Heimat zu Deportivo Alaves. (ram)

Joelinton 🇧🇷
Position: Sturm
Age: 22
Marketplace: 35 million. Euro
Bilanz 2018/19: 35 Spiele, 11 Tore

Bandage Team College of Gavranovic

Der Schweizer François Moubandje sets his career in Croatia fort. The 29-year-old outsider signed a Dinamo Zagreb for a three-year contract. For Croatian Masters you will be Team College des Schweizer Stürmers Mario Gavranovic .

Gemäss der französischen Tageszeitit «L'Equipe» hats Belt and Contact Contact Saint-Etienne u nd zu Clubs in Spain . In the last six years he played in the Ligue 1 for Toulouse. That was his treaty to the end of the last season. (pre / sda)

François Moubandje 🇨🇭
Position: Linksverteidiger
Age: 29
Marktwert: 2.5 Mio. Euro
Bilanz 2018/19: 22 Spiele, 0 Tore

Higuain in the Hauptstadt?

AS AS Roma möchte Gonzalo Higuain obliged, but this is said to be public . The Roma should have spoken to the Argentinian Stürmer das Captain-Bändeli – an Ehre, who used to be the former Jahrzehnten roommate who was Francesco Totti or Daniele De Rossi suteil comb. (ram)

Gonzalo Higuain 🇦🇷
Position: Sturm
Age: 31
Marketplace: 35 million. Euro
Bilanz 2018/19: 40 Play, 13 Tore
Source: Corriere dello Sport

Torres goes back to Spain

Mittelfeldspieler Oliver Torres is involved in the Heimat. The Spaniard returns from FC Porto to FC Sevilla. Torres won the U19 European championships and loved ones for the U21 national team, not yet for the A-team. (ram)

Oliver Torres 🇪🇸
Position: Zentrales Mittelfeld
Age: 24
Marktwert: 17 Mio. Euro
Bilanz 2018/19: 39 Spiele, 2 Tore

Mourinho lernt Deutsch

Would you like to go to Bayern Munich this time? There are no trainer José Mourinho has betrayed the "Gazzetta dello Sport", that is currently the Deutsche Lerne. "I love to train only in a train, not even in Germany," softly from the Portuguese. Mourinho is bestowed on Portuguese as well as English, Spanish, French and Italian. (ram)

ManUtd and Leicester have been involved in Maguire

Der Englische Nationalspieler Harry Maguire switches over with wahrscheinlichkeit zu Manchester United. Neither is there any medical tests today. The "Red Devils" with Leicester City turned to a outlaw of maximum round 90 million Euro . The exact height varies according to bonus adjustments, fix is ​​a maximum of 67 million. Euro.

Leicester City Needs a Grossteils of the Money, by to obtain Lewis Dunk . 50 Mio. Euro leaves that "Foxes" adore for Brighton's Defender. (ram)

Harry Maguire
Position: Innenverteidiger
Age: 26
Marktwert: 50 Mio. Euro
Bilanz 2018/19: 32 Play, 3 Tore
Source: Sun

Coutinho zurück zu Liverpool?

After, yes yes a transfer! Philippe Coutinho should appear unanimously that Barcelona is in the FC Liverpool abgibt. The place in the offensive barças is still the craving of Antoine Grizzly and his word still should be held Neymar. These Brazilian Landsmann Coutinho could, as well as Klub zurückkehren, be the only strikingly abandoned hats. In the room there is a two-room guide and the option for Liverpool, Coutinho for 100 million. Buy euro. (ram)

Philippe Coutinho 🇧🇷
Position: Left-handers
Age: 27
Marktwert: 90 Mio. Euro
Bilanz 2018/19: 54 Games, 11 Tore
Source: Calciomercato

Neymar nährt Gerüchte über Rückkehr zu Barcelona

With an Instagram Story and a Notable Review gibt Superstar Neymar the courtesy of a return to FC Barcelona new experience. His PR agency emphasized that Brazilians in the afternoon were required by their current club Paris Saint-Germain was shut down.

The curve Videosequenz on Instagram says a Schwarz-Weiss picture Neymars with the emblem The FC Barcelona, ​​in the end of the camera boom over a wall, is also said to have one Bible verse (Isaiah 54:17) saying: "No weapon is being washed, the man badly damned; Your singing, who dictated the court, punished you Lugen, "is another lesson to read. One statement, the cousin can be understood as a designation and its criticism.

Do you read Neymar with the answer to the question yet to see the biggest career moment. On site, he said to find the Olympics with Brazil 2016, then there are 6: 1 successes with Barca on PSG in March 2017, he declared "Website Oh my goal". The Catalans hat damals still get 0: 4 in Hinspiel in a thoughtful game nor the Fourth-finals. (abu / sda)

The obsessed video sequence Video: streamja

Crouch tritt zurück

Im age of 38 years lived there English Nationalstürmer Peter Crouch said Laufbahn. There are even more detailed instructions to do so, tiling the "storch". "My career was a lonely sadness that has become."

Crouch told in 42 loincloths 22 tore. With the FC Liverpool becoming 2006 Cupsieger, one year stand is with the "Reds" in the Final of the Champions League. From 2011 to 2019, Stoke City came to an end, half past one of Jahr Burnley's last station last long career. (ram)

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