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Traffic jam on the A3 motorway

Crash on the A3 motorway: About 20 bells came to Murg in the municipality of Unterterzen SG to a collision of two vehicles. "A serious accident happened. One person died, except there were several injuries," says Hans-Peter Krüsi, spokesman for the cantonal policy in St. Gallen. Mortality is the cause of the accident. Later, the police confirmed two injured. A person must be rescued from the car by the fire department.

The accident occurred on the southern runway. The highway was run in a lane due to a construction site. A vehicle came out of unclear reasons in the opposite track, it came to a deadly collision. For the severity of the two injured, the Krüsi was unable to provide any information at the moment. The two people had flown to the hospital with two different helicopters

The A3 motorway bypasses the villages on Walensee with several tunnels and viaducts in this section. Traffic is diverted due to the accident between Murg and Walenstadt on the old canton road. There are traffic jams there, as the BLICK reader Marko M. reports. (PMA / SDA) [1

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