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Tour de Suisse: The modern Switzerland is absent. Ein Kommentar

Emmental Seniors are froh, when they are released Image: KEYSTONE


The Tour de Suisse reads modern Switzerland

On the Land the Tour de Suisse operates. Even better in the mountains. Folk fasteners in peripheral regions enjoy the most outstanding sports class in the country. Aberdeen modern Switzerland made this tour seemingly cowardly.

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Also in that year, the roundabout allowed a book on the national ballot centers. Where the Kaufkraft is stronger. Of course, the abundance of populated regions has also meant that it is extremely usefull, with half cities blocking a well-being. Das works only for the Tour de France. In 1

997, the Tour de Suisse ended up in Zurich. As an exception to the rule, Bern is the regular stage place.

Spouses do not speak to the Zeitgeist in the urban agglomeration. It lessens the chances of partnerships with the money provider. The Tourists' sponsorship portfolio must come from dedicated corporations who are right in the country. Tagessger is named by a producer of salad salad from the Canton of Obwalden. The record winner Peter Sagan was very happy to stay, if he or she was transferred to the podium and another salatschüssel

Better sports close up

The search for money is difficult. It's no secret. The Tour de Suisse writes no winnings. If you had only a few trees, mice were installed that would fit around that 2020. The Governor of the new organization is Markus Pfister, a business associate of Swiss Cycling, the Swiss Council Sports Association.

A soul of the neighbors deals best with darin, the Breitensport strengthens one end. It's a good idea. This Velofahren is again one of the most popular sports in the country. Monkeys who attacked Mountainbiker and E-Biker mice were strengthened by the Product Tour Suisse

Many fans flocked to Kaiserwetter on those nights of the last stage. Image: KEYSTONE

Skinny Schweizer Bilanz The sporting performance of the Swiss driver is very modest in 2019: No step-by-step, only Einheimischer, who plays a role in the overall ranking. The Tour de Suisse is nowadays popular all over, if you or more Swiss are involved. Our five years go through Mathias Frank on the last podium, our seven years with Fabian Cancellara the last one secret companion. For Stefan Küng this year, the rudely carpeted creatures, monkeys of the specialist stayed in both times under the appointments.

Improvement is a view. Cousin today or tomorrow. Aber with Marc Hirschi has the Switzerland a great driver, who can only contend with the collective. The Berner word in August 21st, is the U23 world champion and boasts a world-class team under contract. This year's stand Hirschi in the Tour de Suisse still in the treasures of the national routes, which were for the Nationalmannschaft im Einsatz. These could take more or less on their own account and did the trick. Hirschi hired a professional structured Rennstall helfer service. The tat er sehr gut

Die grosse Schweizer Zukunftshoffnung: Marc Hirschi. Even though it is the 51st edition of the 36 Minutes on Seven Bernal Bild: KEYSTONE

As long as the SRG of the Tour Suisse holds that, the race is not safe. The partnership is prolonged. When Hirschi walks with the leaderboard for a couple of years, we were told more as a 100'0000 viewer on TV – across the country.

Tour de Suisse: Die schönsten Pictures along the way Zeiten

Jeder lies Rückenwind, monkey You may be interested in our face 😡

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