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Tote Woman: Polizei permanently steals in St. Gallen

In St. Gallen is in the forefront of the Polizei and the Ruhsitzstrasse. A wife is found until a single home. Someone should do some good business.

Grosseinsatz in st. Galleri Ruhsitzstrasse: When an Augenzeuge notices, it is on Friday that kurz after 11 hours more crowded car zivile polizei-Einsatzautos ins Wohnquartier ausgerüürt. "Currently, there are still several police officers in our town," said the Anvil.

The Officers have a living room with a female wife, tiling the Cantonese police. Gallen mit.

Eine Augenzeugin spoke to "FM1 Today" that the officers had worn a man in handcuffs. Further, one dwelling master of the home was told

Zuvor had Media speaker Hanspeter Krüsi on BLICK-request the end of the case. Zunächst the police still speaks of a mighty one. Precious Angaben to be able to do so can be made nonsense. (cat / hah)

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