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Tim Draper predicts a Bitcoin course of over $ 250,000 | 09/20/19

While Bitcoin has been able to make decent bids for years and some experts expect further rising prices in the cryptocurrency of their choice, Bitcoin bull Tim Timper is still forecasting a $ 250,000 dollar.

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Tim Draper, who holds the big piece on Bitcoin, recently stated in an interview with the news portal Blocktv, that he assumed that the assumption of the Bitcoins of the broad masses would give me further impetus.

Bitcoin for the masses

Draper criticizes the mass inaccuracy of Bitcoins ̵

1; current fiat currencies among human believers – and it is reasonable to assume that Bitcoin will be retained in the future, COINTELEGRAPH reports. Fiat currencies are currently user-friendly, which Bitcoin developers would not easily use to the point of using Bitcoin on a daily basis.


The purchase of Bitcoin is quite complicated and complicated.
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In the Fiat currencies, however, Draper anticipates the influences of politics and loss of value as a threat. This fear of a devaluation of the country's currencies and the sinking confidence of many people in their political leadership should create good preconditions for the further spread of bitcoins. According to Draper, Argentina could be an interesting target to test who stands for the bulk of Bitcoins. The Argentine peso has been well prepared in the past and is well prepared to suffer losses from domestic companies. Yet, in more stable nations, the interest in a decentralized currency increases.

Draper changes its forecast

Yet in August, Draper corrected its $ 250,000 bitcoin price forecast: While it was expected that Bitcoin would reach this threshold earlier, it lost its past month of cryptocurrency The goal is to reach first quarter 2023. The new forecast that Bitcoin could still gain much more value and value now stands in contrast to its more cautious forecast. Draper appears to have a price target of $ 250,000 now but as low. "A $ 250,000 exchange rate would mean that Bitcoin would have about 5% market share among all currencies in the world, but I suspect that the potential of Bitcoin is even higher," COINTELEGRAPH quotes the Bitcoin bull.

Further opinions from the crypto industry

Also Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse praises Bitcoin, as BTC ECHO reports, though only as a value store, less as a payment system: "Bitcoin has a real utility as a value store – it's digital Gold . Since confirming a Bitcoin transaction lasts an average of 12 minutes and costs a transaction over a US dollar, that is not optimal for a payment solution. " Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin warns against the young decentralized finance sector. "They are new, they are untested, they have a chance to cut the risk and we should not encourage people to invest their money in these things […]," he declared at one event.

It remains to be seen whether Bitcoin will, in the future, actually be able to establish itself as a means of payment and offer credit or investment offers to people who would otherwise have no access to it.

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