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Ticks: Tick bite: what to consider – money and life

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Ticks have high season in summer. Find out what to do with a fittabit and when to see a doctor.

Ticks are not just pests, a fittabit can also be extremely dangerous. The spread of infected with dangerous blood sugar of borrelia or TBE virus increases steadily. Even in cities, people are no longer safe. With rising temperatures, animal activity also increases.

As most people go out in good weather, the risk of catching a fortress increases. In risk areas ̵

1; which comprise 88 of 96 districts and independent cities in Bavaria – the risk of betting is particularly high.

The parasites lurking in meadows, shrubs and even in the forest are not safe from humans. If you find a tucked tick on your body after a swim or an outdoor walk, you should stay calm and act sensibly. It is due to rapid and correct removal of the parasite. So affected people act soon after a cruise break:

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Tick bite: These rules should be followed by the victims

If you notice a cruise breeze, you should respond quickly. The longer the blood sugar can eat, the greater the risk of infection. When removing bites, you must remove all parts of the insect. Only then can the body be afraid of a painful inflammation.

The ticks are best freed of tweezers or special ticks. To do this, bug the insect close to the surface of the skin on the mouth and pull slowly and straight out of the skin. Make sure you do not twist the check box. Even the story about previous treatment with oil or glue should be avoided as much as possible. The bracket is stressed by dropping. This can lead to the animal releasing its saliva and potential infectious agents in the bite site. If the parasite is removed, the wound should be disinfected properly.

What should be done after removal of the bracket?

After disinfecting the attachment stitch site, it should be labeled with a ballpoint pen. Sometimes a red infection ring is formed around the betting site after the bite bit. The cursor helps to follow the so-called Wanderroot better. Initially Lyme disease occurs. Experts also recommend taking a picture of the engraving agency.


Small Ticks – Big Danger

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When do I have to go to the doctor after a fix?

After ticketing, tickoffers should look at the betting site very close. A clear annular erythema may occur only after a few days or even weeks. Usually this is paler in the middle than at the edge. If this is the case and it expands around the tikbite, a family doctor should be immediately consulted.

Ticks transmits Borrelia only after 24 hours

It is therefore important to quickly remove the tip after a bit because she will not transfer Borrelia until after about 24 hours. The situation is different with TBE viruses. If a pocket is a TBE carrier, the virus immediately enters the host's bloodstream. The calming fact is that even in TBE risk areas, only bird species are infected – an average of 0.1 to 3.4 percent. Studies have shown that about five percent of bitter people have Lyme disease. Only about one percent of the infected developmental disease symptoms.

Instructions show how ticks are removed properly

Who has been bitten by a fortress and can not imagine how he killed the insect Best Removed, gets help from the Bavarian State Health Office. The agency shows in an illustrated tutorial how to properly remove bite ticks.

Which anti-tick remedies protect against attachment?

Those who want to protect themselves from fasteners can breathe easily: there are some good functioning anti-tick remedies. Those who refrain from doing that should definitely wear long clothes and sturdy shoes when walking in forests, fields and fields.

It is also recommended to put socks over the trousers. Ticks make it harder to get to the skin. An excursion to the outdoors should definitely end with a thorough search of the body for ticks. Since the parasites now spread in cities, everyone should also look for visits to urban green areas. It is advisable to scan the hairline, ears, neck, armpits, armpits, navel, genitals and poplitealfossan for ticks after living in a possible area of ​​ticks.

Is a vaccine against ticks worth it?

] There is no vaccine against Lyme disease. There is a vaccination against TBE: It consists of three single doses. It must be updated every three to five years.

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