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Ticker: Real fight for three points at Betis

Real Madrid must reach the first half of the season with Quique Sétiens Betis Sevilla. Will Blancos win the first win in 2019 or will Betis also take the leg to Barcelona? REAL TOTAL will broadcast 90 minutes live.



90. + 4 FINAL, FROM OVER! Real kidnapped three points from Benito Villamarín and wins first victory in 2019. Playful but not entirely convincing, fighting for 1A and ultimately with the necessary luck, Blancos returns in fourth place in the table and near Sevilla 3rd place on points.

90 °. + 2 Good use of Vinícius, who jumps into a post and takes a corner. This takes time from the clock again.

90 °. Four minute stop time is displayed.

88th GOOOOOOOOOOLLL !!!! AUS-RE-NET CEBALLOS! Snotty ex-Betis player shoots into the goalkeeper and catches Pau López on the wrong foot! 2: 1

!!!!!!! The shooter raises his arms pleasantly in the direction of the audience, this responds with "Ceballos, hijo de puta" songs.

88th The site also changes again, leading Loren to Sanabria.

87th Carvalho slows Casemiro through a tactical foul just before the penalty area, looks yellow. Excellent free kick position.

85th Barragán finds the completely free Tello with the flank, but in the end he draws a clear line.

84th Real during the time again in 4-3-3 with Nacho as left back. Díaz occupies the right wing.

82nd Third change for the whites: Valverde leaves, Díaz comes. Isco remains again without a few minutes.

80th Next corner for Betis, who is increasingly seeking his luck over the wings. Again, Ramos can clarify.

78th Carvajal almost with the breakthrough, but the right-back jumps the ball at the crucial moment. Okay!

76 thereof. Betis wants to win now, stops on the accelerator. Can Kings Still Make A Happiness? Currently, it doesn't look like that.

74th Solari reacts: Reguilón goes down, Ceballos comes to play in his old homeland.

68th The ball spins in goal with Keylor Navas – and the score counts. The assistant raises the flag, but VAR gives the gate. At first glance, it smelled offside the Canales, but ultimately the target counted. Phew, after the first glance at the pictures, quite fluttering for Betis. Only 1: 1!

67th The first change at Betis, Tello arrives at Francis.

64th Real is still good, but at present there is a lack of relief. Will Betis capitalize on this?

62nd Valverde looks yellow for a tactical foul.

60th Good opportunity at Betis: After the ping-pong ball, the ball comes to Guardado, which from the volume on the back holds and just past the long corner. Navas would probably not have been longer

59. Real continues with huge intensity in the duels. Especially the fullbacks and Valverde with impressive running, not even Vinciusus prisoners.

56th Betis increases the pressure and acts purposefully and still holds the king's bugs.

54th Vinícius again controls Pau López, but the angle is far too acute.

53rd The intensity of the game is extremely high, both teams giving nothing away in the duels.

49th Nothing has changed in the orientation of Blanco's first half: In Betis half you are tall and aggressive, as soon as the first press line is dubbed, you go far and receive the hosts 15 meters behind the center line.

47th Joaquin with a nice pass on channels, which closes immediately. First Betis finish on goal, Navas packs safely.

46th For Benzema, Castilla striker Cristo Gónzalez does not stop in the game. Continue in Seville!

45 °. + 2 HALF TIME! The royal victories earned a deserved 1-0 win in Benito Villamarín thanks to a fine goal from Luka Modric, but then missed the 2-0 refueling. Bet with more holding shares, but in the last third without urgent force. So far, the Solaris plan seems completely absorbed.

45 °. + 1 Benzema has disappeared his little finger, is briefly treated. The official stop time is one minute.

45 °. Lo Celso finds Canales with a pass between the lines, but the conclusion of ex-Blancos is harmless.

43rd Ramos faces the midfield then towards Lo Celso and looks yellow.

41st Dangerous free kick position 25 meters centrally in front of goal for Betis. Channels pass this a good meter at the gate.

40th The ball content speaks 68 to 32 percent clearly to the hosts, but the better the chances are clearly the guests. The leadership deserves completely.

39th Betis does not take on, Real is the defense extremely safe.

35th Yellow for Modric, again captured by Joaquín.

  SEVILLE, SPAIN - JANUARY 13: Vinicius Jr from Real Madrid CF (C) is followed by Andres Guardado from Real Betis Balompie (L) and Giovani Lo Celso from Real Betis Balompie (R) during the La Liga match between Real Betis Balompie and Real Madrid at Estadio Benito Villamarin on January 13, 2019 in Seville, Spain. (Photo by Aitor Alcalde / Getty Images) Magnify

Vinicus is Blancos linchpin – Photo: Aitor Alcalde / Getty Images

34. And the free kick goes to boomerang: Vínicius sends Valverde with a dream card, which runs alone at López, but decides at the last minute for the deposit at Benzema. But it won't … It must be 2: 0!

33rd Casemiro adds Joaquín, but still comes around a yellow. Passable position for the duckless from 30 meters in the left position.

30 °. Uiii. There was more to it. Carvajal sends Benzema steeply, the Frenchman finds Vinícius in the back, but the Brazilian does not get enough pressure behind the ball. If he hits sharper …

27. Interesting: As soon as Real's high attack jumps over, Blancos pulls deeply and defends extremely compact with a five-string and a block of three in front. So far, Betis does not consider anything.

26th Even Lo Celso tries it further away, but even this conclusion does not go to the gate. Navas need not intervene.

25th Modric tries again from a distance, but this time the ball goes over.

24th Real continues to squeeze extremely high. Will the kings keep it up?

21st Closing of Vinícius, but Schlenzer comes to the center. No problem for López.

20th Betis is not as dominant as in the early stages, the Real home team keeps pretty good away from the penalty area – and repeatedly puts dangerous picks on the counter.

16th Next fast counter-attack by the Madrilenians over Vincici, who finds Reguilón in the middle, but Canterano is clearly destroyed by volley.

fourteenth A quick airflow because the video assistant checked for a possible offside position from Benzema, but okay, Tor counts. 1: 0 for Real!

  Luka Modric in Real Madrid celebrates after scoring during the La Liga match between Real Betis Balompie and Real Madrid in Estadio Benito Villamarin on January 13, 2019 in Seville, Spain. (Image by Aitor Alcalde / Getty Images) Enlarge

Modric cheering for his goal – Photo: Aitor Alcalde / Getty Images

13. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL! Real combined well in the midfield, Benzema and Carvajal still fail with their accounts on the Betis defender's wall, but Modric's third attempt finally finds their way into the net. Beautiful thing!

eleventh Via Valverde and Benzema, the ball reaches the free Reguilón, but the flank for Benzema becomes too high.

ninth Madrilenian's fallout trap has so far worked flawlessly, Canales with Green's third offside position in this match.

7th Betis far superior field and possession, yet without chance to score. Really as well as without a dangerous approach in the case of Pau López.

5th Ramos puts the thing in the wall.

4th Vincius conquers the ball halfway with Carvalho and releases the contraption, which is routinely suppressed by Guardado. Yellow for Guardado and good free kick position for Blancos about 25 meters in front of goal.

3rd Home team first approach, but referee Hernández Hernández decides to sideline.

first Cute start in Seville. Real tries to squeeze high, Betis counteracts much ball control. Looks promising.

ANPFIFF! Ball in Estadio Benito Villamarine rolls!

IT'S THAT: Betis fans scream their club song, the law goes into the field – everything is prepared for a humorous soccer juice.

POSITION BETS: The site surprises a little and instead of the usual 3-5-2, his team starts in 4-1-4-1: Pau López – Barragán, Mandi, Bartra, Francis – William – Joaquín, Canales, Lo Celso, Guardado – Sanabria.

POSITION: Again, Isco must not be involved from the beginning! Solari surprisingly plays in a 3-5-2: Navas – Varane, Ramos, Nacho – Carvajal, Modric, Casemiro, Valverde, Reguilón – Benzema, Vincius. [19659000]] Bank: Casilla, Marcelo, Odriozola, Ceballos, Isco, Brahim, Cristo.


Graphics: REAL TOTAL

STAFF: Five injured Santiago Solari with Toni Kroos (19459006) Adductors ), Marcos Llorente ( Adductors ]), Gareth Bale ( Wade ), Marco Asensio ( Thigh ) and Thibaut Courtois (19459006) iliac muscle also fall from the fit than Mariano Díaz and the suspended Lucas Vázquez. And as if that were not enough, the use of the last heavily gambling Vincius Junun is also a big question mark, the Brazilian has been putting an influenza infection flat over the past few days. Solarians should therefore have to improvise, especially in the offensive, but especially about a use of Isco this time can not get around. Or is it? The expected starting team as always in the preliminary report.

BUENAS TARDES! To finish the finals, they take the kings to sunny Andalucia, where they begin their traditional duel at Betis Sevilla. While Merengues regains fourth place in the table with a win and at least can advance into the Champions League rankings, "Verdiblancos" has the great opportunity to move up to a Real counter. And since Sevilla lost to Bilbao in the afternoon (0: 2), they could also score points on the table third. Ramos and Co. will land a free kick in the league after a clear victory over Leganés (3-0) or Quique Setien's team will celebrate the next big after defeating Barcelona 4: 3 at the Camp Nou Coup this season? From 20:45 we know more. As always with: REAL TOTAL -Liveticker.

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Ticker: Real fight for three points at Betis

Real Madrid must reach the first half at Quique Sétiens Betis Sevilla. Will Blancos win the first win in 2019 or will Betis also take the leg to Barcelona? REAL TOTAL ticks 90 minutes live.

Ticker: Real erkämpft sich drei Punkte bei Betis

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