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This is how Ausland thinks about the "climate choice" in Switzerland

"The Siege of the Climate Alliance", titled the online edition of the German weekly "Die Zeit". "Then one should still say, elections in Switzerland say boring," the newspaper said. "Was during today's election day only about Switzerland, recalled one freak wave ." The "green wave" led to new relations of power, which say "from the German optics only Kinkerlitzchen. In Switzerland, they mean a real shift in power. "

The" Sueddeutsche Zeitung "sees a" climate change in Bern ":" For Switzerland, a tsunami over the country was broken here on Sunday. A green wave has captured the Eidgenossi ». With the "steep ascent of rights" it said "first advance."

Berner "Power Cartel"

The "dpa" titled with the "impeccable Vormarsch der Grünen". These must have been briefly or briefly portrayed in the government, quoted by Greenland's chief executive Regula Rytz (57, BE). They are holding back the demand for a seat in the seven-headed government. Still, "these federal councils traditionally seek compromise across all party boundaries at all political parties."

Also, the "picture" said, the Greens said "THE election victory", but: "For the government, that means living. In Switzerland, a second party with two strong voter wax elections will be included in the government. ”“ Kurios ”finds the newspaper that there are two eco-parties in Switzerland. "However: Except for environmental issues, both have little in common."

In addition, the "Mirror" warns against all but euphoric green excesses and suggests that the law conservatives remain ahead despite losses. "The election results should hardly have any effect on the government," the magazine said. "For 60 years Switzerland has practically ruled from the four largest parties at the same time." The "Kronen Zeitung" speaks of a "power cartel" in Bern. Without its civil support, the spell formula did not go mad.

The Greta Factor

The "FAZ" has ensured that the SVP remains the strongest force in Swiss politics. Ways of sinking the numbers of refugees and immigrants would not have been the "foreign hostile legal conservatives" who could benefit from four years of the deadly refugee wave in Europe. Conclusion: The Greens are benefiting from the climate debate, which is also making high waves in Switzerland ̵

1; "they are not working in the Land Government yet", according to the newspaper.

"ORF.at" softly a "left back" and then speak from "almost a landslide victory": Greens set new mass stakes in Switzerland, called Austria. The spell formula now belongs to the test stand.

The French "Le Monde" reports a "historic breakthrough of environmental parties". The demands of the young environmental activist Greta Thunberg say in Switzerland "particularly strong arrived". The newspaper quotes Oskar Freysinger (59, USA), the divisive stonewater of the SVP, who, as a single party, urged "climate hysteria": "We knew we would lose the Federation. The essential issue for us to save the planets is the salvation of Swiss sovereignty. ”(Kes)

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