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This eight Aargauer restaurants are fighting for the Swiss Gastronomy – Canton (Aargau) – Aargau

What is the "Master of Swiss Gastro" crowned? 210 occupied with the Best Year of the Best of Swiss Gastro Award and word of a Fachjury. A few selections have worked for 132 hotels and restaurants – including eight locals from the Aargau.

Gasthof Engel, Oberentfelden

The Pächter of "English", Sergio Puglia and Ehepaar Claudia and Vito Lupoli-Kyburz , in the region, they are known. Apulia also found in Oberentfelden, the Getränkeland AG, Claudia and Vito Lupoli-Kyburz in Buch's a Metzgerei with Catering and Party Service. The four-year-olds have taken over the Gasthof Engel jointly.

Maria's Esszimmer in Seetal, Beinwil am See

As well as the Restaurant "Maria's Esszimmer" in Seetal, chances are of the title as Swiss Gastronomic. The restaurant located in Beinwil am See is said to have been celebrated by Mirjam Strub from Boniswil for two years. You have to pay a visit to the guest house "Seetal" a modern drive.

"HÖFLI", Bad Zurzach

Nominated is the "Restaurant HÖFLI" from Bad Zurzach. In 201

8, the ehemals under the names "Quellen Hof" invented a restaurant with a new concept and names. The "HÖFLI" offers fresh selection with many products from the region. On the spa map you will find "swiss food from the Aare-Rhein area" or "potato from the family Mosimann from Windisch". Host is Ramona Hartung and chef manager Marco Rasera

Colombo, Baden

Baden is in the running around the Gastronomic crown. By the way, there is a tremendous gastronomy of "Colombo". In the summer of 2017 there is a tore in the Badener Inn. The "Colombo" is a project of gastronomic Carlos Ferreira. The qualified hotelier-restaurant is also the business operator of the Tapas bar and works in the business in both businesses. The "Colombo" dish is Café und Bar. In the submarine there is the Mediterranean restaurant, in Obergeschoss, which offers American-Mediterranean cuisine.

Restaurant Stadttor Billabong, Baden

The "Restaurant Stadttor Billabong" is supplied by Marc Lusser and his bachelor. The name is here program. Australian Urainer with Billabong ein Gewässer. Familiar is the term as a name for a surfing fashion. The "Billabong" in Baden is a restaurant and a surf bar. Sowohl optically as well as gourmet should the guest here and a beach bar be catapulted. Along the shore, old fishing boats and the hot-dog variants on the spa map are named after Australia's most famous beaches.

Manito, Baden

It is often nominated that the "Badener Burger" is "Manito" at the Schlossbergplatz. Inside Stefan Konutang acquired the 2016 restaurant together with his Cousin Gorgis Konutang. There AZ announced he was the end of 2018, he tested his 96 burger, until his show card for the "manito" stand. In Kürze, the Fast-Food-chain McDonald's subsidiary is found in Schlossbergplatz. For Konutgan the only reason to worry is. Im gegenteil: «We are mad at McDonald's. I am louder, we have been won by the acquired industry and attractiveness. ”

Fischbeiz alte Post, Kaiserstuhl

A traditional, personalized company has been nominated with the" fish-farm post "from Kaiserstuhl. Urs and Karin Schumacher present the Fischspezialitäten-Restaurant in the third generation. An expanding audience is presented to the restaurant in 2016, when the "fish market" for the SRF broadcast "Mini Beiz, dini Beiz" by a tribal guest is reported and it criticizes the broadcast style.

Ristorante Volare, Waltenschwil

With the "Ristorante Volare" from Waltenschwil is nominated a rustic Murian. The restaurant at the Bremgarterstrasse offers Italian cuisine with the possible regional products. There Adriano Caranci is a Waltenschwil not known to anyone. He also performs the Weinhandel Lidanto Handel GmbH with Sitz in Waltenschwil

Until September 15, the guests will be able to view the nominated business yet online. The Best of Swiss Gastro Award is this year's 16th anniversary. It is the largest Swiss Public Speech for Gastro-Occupation. The Sieger will be presented in the Final Award Evening on October 21st.

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