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These are the winners of the Material Design Awards

The fairly consistent picture of the many Android apps is related to the specifications Google does with Material Design. As in recent years, Google is now choosing Android apps that implement the material design particularly spectacularly. These apps must be nice, useful and useful. But Google also wants to see how app developers implement the material design individually and uniquely. Divided into four categories: themes, innovation, experience and universality.

Themes: Ruff

"An expressive brand identity that translates to material themes, including consistent use of color, typography and form."

Innovation: Reflectly

"A proven ability to expand and expand the material design system in inspiring new directions.

Experience: Scripts

"A creative and effective use of interaction, navigation and Content that serves an effective user experience."

University: Trip.com

"A thoughtful and comprehensive design tailored to the needs of a wide range of users."

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