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"Then it will be Trump's downfall" – International: Standard

There it was again, the well-known as well as the nonsensical conspiracy theory about a server from the Democratic National Committee (DNC): Of course, the president "mentioned the corruption of the DNC server before, absolutely, no question – and that's why we saved the money, "Donald Trump's sitting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said last Thursday.

Punishment shocked Washington, Mulvaney admitted that Congress approved military aid to Ukraine of $ 391 million from the White House Press was abused: The Kiev government should be forced to follow Donald Trump's favorite conspiracy theory. The fact that Kiev was gathering dirt on former Vice President Biden and his son Hunter was already evident in the transcript of Trump's talks and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyi.

But now, Mulvaney had admitted that there is a quid pro quo, Trump and his Republican apologies had so far strongly denied. Although the chief of staff hastily rowed back just a few hours later, it didn't help: Mulvaney had made a confession live on TV.

Trump denies

This confession, of course, only applied to that part of the Ukraine deal gathered around a wild conspiracy theory. As a result, the Russians were not included in the US election campaign in favor of Donald Trump 201

6, but Ukrainian officials serving the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Various insights from US intelligence agencies and the final report by Russia's Special Investigator Robert Mueller were therefore misleading maneuvers that passed the truth.

"I want to find out what is going on with the whole situation with Ukraine, they say CrowdStrike … you say the server, Ukraine has it," Trump said in his significant phone call with Selenskyi in late July. CrowdStrike is an American cybersecurity company that was commissioned by the DNC to find out who invaded the democratic servers in the summer of 2016. CrowdStrike blamed Russia for it. FBI, several US intelligence agencies and Mueller as well. The Special Investigator therefore accused 12 members of the Russian military intelligence service GRU.

Donald Trump and a number of conservative commentators, however, deny this fact. Even before the new president took office in January 2017, the web portal Breitbart News published suspicions that the DNC was conspiring with Ukrainian politicians to dig up dirt against Trump's campaign director Paul Manafort.

A Case for Conspiracy Theorists [19659002] In April 2017, in an interview with the AP News Agency, the President said that the DNC has instructed to clean up hacking "a company I hear from Ukraine". Trump referred to CrowdStrike, whose founder is an immigrant from Russia. CrowdStrike has no ties to Ukraine.

All kinds of conspiracy theories that flourished in the spring of 2017 claim that CrowdStrike immediately got the hacked DNC server out of the country to Ukraine. And the Selenski government should now postpone what is not there. Because the DNC servers – there are several – still exist in the United States. Instead of handing them over to the authorities in the summer of 2016, CrowdStrike handed over digital copies to the FBI.

This led to the claim that the server had returned from the FBI and taken to Kiev. And not GRU specialists hacked emails, but a DNC employee named Seth Rich. The young man was shot to death in the streets of Washington during the early hours of July 10, 2016, according to various conspiracy theorists, to prevent the truth from coming out.

The Kiev Problem

Fox News spread this story as well as conservative web portals, but nothing was right. Although the murder is still unclear, but the Washington police came to the conclusion that it was a robbery attempt. The rich family filed lawsuits against the propagandists in the conspiracy theory, persistent but holding the story of the political murder of the alleged hacker on the DNC server.

As much as his then Chief of Staff John Kelly tried to keep such stories from Trump, the more the President seemed convinced of his truthfulness: The liberal media, the Democrats, the FBI and Mueller had done something wrong with him, he and not Hillary Clinton were a victim of dark machinations. And its origin would be in Kiev, where the DNC server was hidden.

"The problem this president has is the huge dissemination of bad information," said a named insider from Trump near the BuzzFeed web portal recently, Now his unbroken belief in one of the craziest conspiracy theories may have impeached him. "This conspiracy theory has to go, and if it continues, it will be its downfall," predicted Trump's former home security adviser Thomas Bossert in early October.

Quid pro quo is undeniable: Ukraine should only get US military help when Wolodymyr Selenskyi went out to look for a server not found in Kiev, but in Washington, where the DNC recently showed him – together with a filing cabinet, the break-in service Richard Nixon's 1972 at the then DNC headquarters in Watergate Buildings broke up.

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