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The Voice of Germany: Sido suspects candidate and lies right – he flies from his team

At The Voice of Germany, Sido on Bastian stinksauer is: "I believe, you have packed this today …", he recalls. He flies out of Team Sido.

Update of October 18: Also in the last sequel of "The Voice of Germany" rapper Sido looked up as he canceled his candidate Bastian Springer. This recently performed with teammate Denis Henning in Battle the song "Too Good At Goodbyes" by Sam Smith.

The other coaches were excited – but Sido only to the part. Because he praised both of his candidates once and said "Toll that I could tell my colleagues was for grenades I have in the team", but then it comes. On Reas's question of whether Bastian got himself into the probes, Sido only said: "Yes, but I believe he was asleep." Harter Vorwurf, on Bastian only with "Yes, I was tea and honey", smiled antwortet. Sido never reads and does not count, and continues: "I speak for the right sauces."

"The Voice of Germany" candidate gives error to

Bastian does, however, but eloquently say: "The last time for three days. “So do it. His coach Sido is sour and ready to be sealed, he was of his behavior and his performance holds: "I believe you have packed this day with the fire. Tell me who it is. ”His decision made clear here: Denis has to go in the next round and Bastian has to go.

Or not quite. Coach Alice Merton keeps the Visagist in your Team Steal Deal. Finally, Bastian apologizes to the coaches and even admits that it was bad timing.

The Voice of Germany: "Halt die Schnauze" ̵
1; strange scene between Mark Forster and Sido

Berlin – Like two coaches turned for Bastian Springer, after singing "No Matter What" by Calum Scott: Sido and Mark Forster. But then the rapper loses the stage once.

The Voice of Germany: Sido loses the stage – and comes back to change

Usually, the coaches who turned for a talent after the jury verdict. Not so Sido after the appearance of Bastian Springer from Taufkirchen, from this moving story merkur.de * reported.

Instead, the rapper stands up and disappears in the backstage area. Rea Garvey was totally perplexed: "It's the first time at The Voice that Sido leaves the stage." But the rapper came back. However, not as himself, but as a copy of Mark Forster, with a cap, says his shield above. Even the Gang of Singers imitates the rapper. Mark Forster made fun of, swapped briefly the upper part with Sido and put on a "Sido cap". After the roles were exchanged, the musicians take the place of each other.

Sido is from The Voice of Germany studio here.

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It was not the first time that Sido provided the Voice of Germany with excitement. A talk on stage was obviously too much for rappers.

Sido and Mark Forster are at The Voice of Germany, but they themselves

Now the game was really loose. Mark Forster softly in his role as Sido to his colleagues: "Max Förster, hold your Schnauze!". Sido as Mark Forster reacted sharply: "I warm Mark Forster". Sido still thrives on that peak, emphasizing who was falling, so to speak, was Mark Forster. Warum? "We really have an honor," said the rapper's rationale. Not just for the audience and the coaches. Candidate Bastian also seemed relieved when Rea Garvey ended the whole and, with more seriousness, added: "Basti had sung the soul out of the body, exchanged some other roles, so that he could seriously speak to me." Bastian Springer at ihm.

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For which team does Bastian Springer decide on The Voice of Germany?

After Sido and Mark Forster were themselves, they gave Bastian nor feedback on his performance. While Sido felt that the Taufkirchner had not hit every tone, Mark Forster was convinced that Bastian had sung everything correctly. However, in the end, that decision naturally lies with the candidates themselves. For Bastian it was clear: "Sido, I'm yours."

It was not the only time that the rapper danced with "The Voice of Germany" out of line. At the battle-round, Sido kicked both candidates from his team at the same time – never before.


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