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The Tesla Model S is back in the Nürburgring

After Porsche and Taycan set up a new North Shoe record for electric cars, Tesla was suddenly very keen to offer the caravan houses. Only a few days after the announcement of the new EV-best time, heavily modified Tesla Model S was sought after in test drives in the Green Hills. However, California has had relatively little time. It was announced and would like to return in October. Was jet set too. New Erlkönig pictures show two registered Model S and on the track. And compared to September, she has been a bit more. The car looks different.

The biggest difference is that the new claims of winged wings with greasy air outlets behind the wheels. They could serve for brake cooling or bring aerodynamic benefits. Besides, one recognizes in the rear a massive diffuser that was definitely not there before. He needs to ensure greater stability at high speeds. Previous modifications such as the large grill opening, the carbon-ceramic brakes, the rear spoiler and the cot wings are still available.

It is unlikely that Tesla – both unofficial – the 7:42-minute record time of the Porsche Taycan has been beaten. Last month we reported that the Americans could have been able to interrupt Porsche time by 20 seconds. However, Porsche could still respond. Finally, you drive the best brand with a Taycan Turbo and not with the stronger Turbo S. Only in memory: Both Taycans produce 625 PS, the Turbo works in Overboost 687, the Turbo S 761 PS.

Should Tesla wish to officially beat Taycan's time, then the car with the modifications of the record prototypes also had to be quite normal for sale. According to Tesla boss Elon Musk should fit exactly with the so-called plaid package. So the chances for a new Tesla lap record stand pretty well. That question is just how long it has been held.

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