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The story takes place only at Hub Fort Tarsis

by Andreas Bertits –
Bioware also wants to tell an exciting story with Anthem. At PAX West, the company now announced that the story takes place in the Tarsis hub. All the decisions you make have effects that you experience in Tarsis. In the wilderness, on the other hand, you will fight for monsters and seek taxes.

If you remember the previous Bioware games, including Baldur's Gate RPG, the Mass Effect Games, or the Dragon Age series, you know that the story took place all over the world. The consequences of decisions that have to be made, you can feel everywhere. With Anthem (now for 59.99 € purchase) it will be different.

Decision affects Hub

In Anthem, you experience the story of Tarsis, a great fort, which acts as Hub . There is NPC in Tarsis that you interact with, and here you also get assignments that lead you to the wilderness. While you are accompanied by up to three other players on these "field missions", you travel alone in Tarsis.

As stated at PAX West the story is basically only in Tarsis. All the decisions you make have an impact on the inhabitants and the city. Outside nature, you almost feel no effect of your decisions. So the wilds basically only serve to eliminate enemies and find treasures.

In Tarsis you do not have to talk to any NPC. You can only ignore the branched dialogs where you decide what you want to say. Then you always drive directly to the message board and select a new assignment. However, those who engage in the story should find in Tarshish a lively world of interesting NPCs to interact and engage in different relationships ̵

1; but romances are not currently planned. On February 22, 2019 we will see how Anthem plays at the release – but before a VIP demo is released. [19659000] Source: VG247

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Anthem: PC game by Nvidia on E3

  In Anthem, you experience just the story in Hub City.

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