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The secret of the healthy brain is hidden in our intestinal flora

Does the intestinal microbiom on the health of the brain work out?

When humans became hibernate, they once again hide their blood surfaces on a natural art and wise. This is the risk of heartbreaking. Defendants wanted to retrieve, leaving this suspension on the ground. As a result, changes in intestinal microbials with sensory age have shown adverse effects on health,

At a recent University of Colorado Boulder study, it is confirmed that natural changes in intestinal microbials with sensual age adversely affect health. Fäste führen. The results of the study published in the English-language journal of physiology.

Typical symptoms of acute acupuncture are schisms in the heart and mouth. May our intestinal influences be healthy ounce of heart? (Image: Robert Kneschke / fotolia.com)

Treatment of antibiotics treated with antibiotics

This is the earliest study that suggests that changes in intestinal microbiology may have negative effects on age health in age. This captures a remarkable new approach to potential advancement of Herz-Kreislauf-anchors. During the investigation, the research team prepared chickens and all kinds of broad-spectrum antibiotics, most of which contained bacteria in their intestine. Thus, the health is the vascular endothelium (the inner manifestation of its surface) and the cliffs of the largest artery. At all Tigers, there are also speculations of distinct connections, terrifying free radicals, antioxidants, and nitrogen monoxide. werden. In the case of the parents, however, even at all points mentioned above, a strong improvement could be established. When the microbiom of the old mousse is pulled down, it puts the heat of the animals here. This explains that these microorganisms were induced, vascular malfunctions were observed. Determining a possible cause, the advancing probes of a different group of mice and similar genetic sequencing, wobbling the intestinal bacteria of the elderly with those of the young animals, were arrested.

Bei den alten Many of them had an opportunity to study microbes, which were associated with inflammatory syndrome and ready-made pains with diseases. In the meantime, more Proteobacteria, which are Salmonella and other pathogenic umphases, are also significantly more prominent, such as proinflammatory desulfovibrio. Of course, the surface level of metabolites is becoming more and more common. Alta Mäuse hat dreimal so TMAO (Trimethylamine N-oxide) in your carp, one metabolite that has an associated risk of atherosclerosis, stroke and stroke connects, drives the cars in one press release.

Alter Toxic Substance? [18659002] It has long been known that oxidative stress and disincentives are such that arteries became ill during the time. Warum Species were stressed or stressed due to stress, but not even known. Obviously, the intestinal microbiota begins to produce toxic molecules (tolerable TMAOs) in Alter, which cause lengths, endings and oxidative stresses in the bloodstream and damage the tissues.

An Art Jungbrunnen for the Health Unseres Herz-Kreislauf-Systems was introduced. She is excluded as an experimental medium at the end of the study. It affects many neonatal and other problems, if antibiotics were to be abolished. A diet, which is true and probiotic, is an essential role in the advocacy of rheumatoid arthritis, including a healthy intestinal microbiome. The advocates also carry out a connection on behalf of dimethylbutanol, which contains some olive oil, vinegar and red wine, which block the bacterial enzyme, which is required for the repair of TMAO. Lastly, Dimethylbutanol could be re-produced in a nutritional supplement. (AS)

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