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The right time to drink coffee: How to keep yourself awake – Science

In the morning you need a coffee first. Still, you often feel that the hot brew no longer has the effect it should have. We tell you when to get your hot water.

You can't go without coffee in the morning. No one should talk to you first before drinking the first cup. But in fact you have long had the feeling that you can drink coffee without end, without the desired effect being achieved, namely to stay awake. Then it may be because you drink the hot bridge at the wrong time.

  • It's time to drink coffee

    You can't start the day without a cup of coffee Then you should also know when it's the right time to enjoy your morning coffee, so this has the desired effect. If you want your coffee first and foremost, then: Enjoy the necessary bridge one hour after you got up early.

    Immediately thereafter would be counterproductive, for that way you would not exhaust the full potential of your cup of hot brew, Spectrum says. The caffeine in coffee works in two ways:

    • It prevents us from getting tired.
    • It shoots us further and keeps us awake.

    How caffeine works in our bodies

    We use up Energy will make us tired again. The more energy you consume, the more adenosine spreads in your brain. It is a molecule that promotes sleep. It makes you lazy and tired. Your brain is turning off.

    Caffeine works the same way. It sits at the places where otherwise Adonesin got stuck. Caused by nerve cells blocked, but the brain may not be tired. In addition, caffeine releases stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Therefore, the pulse increases and blood pressure and energy supply in the body increases.

    Coffee right after getting up? Do not!

    Why shouldn't you drink coffee shortly after you wake up? Simply, your body will release cortisol as soon as you wake up, so you will not come down again. This is called cortisol awakening. But this only begins after a restful sleep. You drink a coffee now, you are using caffeine completely wrong. Because your body at this time has the highest energy level in any case.

    On the contrary, morning coffee, shortly after waking, can have negative effects like

    • shaky hands
    • sweats
    • or even Panic.

    In the long run, consuming coffee in the morning has another disadvantage: Your body gets used to it and so it happens that you need more and more coffee every day. Because your adenosine receptors are constantly blocked with caffeine and ultimately your body produces new receptors. To be awake you need more caffeine soon.

    The golden rule of drinking coffee

    ] Remember, for the best effect you should wait at least an hour before enjoying your first cup of coffee.

    However, it would be good if you didn't do it during the morning routine. If you are an entertainment drinker, then time doesn't matter and you can actually drink your coffee whenever you want. So you do not realize when you get tired.

    Of course, there are also people who enjoy a coffee in the afternoon and get angry at night, because suddenly they cannot keep an eye. Here it is also a good time to drink the last coffee of the day: a maximum of six hours before you go to bed, you can seep your last cup.

    NASA sometimes served coffee spiders. What will happen, you will not believe. By the way, these technical gadgets are a good alternative to a cup of coffee. How to start the day carefully.

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