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The Jurassic MegaRaptor Overlander has to say the coolest offroad camper

Kent Kiehl works at a high-risk and extremely stressful world for a high-ranking prisoner (probably he also wrote a book). If there is a tight fit, there is also a special solution. In general, it is well-stocked and has an autark on its way. In one of the coolest and coolest motorhomes that you find there

The late 2016er Ford F-250 is … well … not more original. Most of all, it lies in the MegaRaptor Umbau of MegaRexx Trucks (some cooler name machine), which reads out this freeware mobile, was a popular version of Ford's powerful Performance-Pickup F-150 Raptor. A bigger campsite on the barn floor offers Kiehls all the family a place to sleep, if they live in the Wildnis.

The MegaRaptor Upgrade does not stop bleeding from Raptor Inspirated Bodykit also check out a work preparation. New Bilstein Dampers and a high angle of about one centimeter are. In addition, MegaRaptor rolls on riders with its MRAP military trucks with 46-inch Michelin tires. "The modified MegaRaptor extension is unique. Altogether, it will take almost 100 slots and even a trial has been proven to be the perfect base for it, but I wanted to get it". , said Kiehl Motor1.com

The Nucamp Cirrus Camper in Heck is well tuned to the pickup. The Heckstoßfänger has been dismantled, so that the truck also owns as a Zugfahrzeug. In addition, special Träger became famous, in order to mount the wide winged wings. In the interior of the campers you will find a toilet seat, a sitz- and ready-made bed, one bed. Keep up-to-date and pure interest for a high-quality look.

"My motivation for this project was to build, fit for a four-fold family with two dogs. My children are 2 and 6 years old, so you had to say the camper particularly well and reluctantly and then Cirrus 820 was his own. sehr gut Option ", said Kiehl. "We can all sleep comfortably and there is one caravan for all year-round holidays."

On the other hand, Kiehl has optimized the engine. The 6.7-liter V8 turbodiesel is powered by 600 PS and up to 1,152 Nm of torque. Removing and removing stresses can also be used to install a tank of 190 liters of fan capacity. Thus, the Jurassic MegaRaptor does not work nearly 1,300 kilometers with a tank capability.

Further improvements are now ready in planning. How To Install Solar Cells On The Roof, About Things That Are Air Conditioning About A Battery Slot Welding. Otherwise, they can improve brakes and possibly install a central reef pressure control system.

The use of information and photos followed by the grant of Kent Kiehl.

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