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The 5 best foods against constant hunger

The feeling, many of them, but never sat still – where does that know? In many days you have more hunger than others, which is quite normal.

Ignoring the hunger is still not a good idea, often ending up before the sweetness shelf. Instead of snacking on chocolate, chips or other foods, you should snack on these five healthy, satisfying foods.

first Egg

The Power-Food Worth: Eggs Provide You With Vitamins As Well As Proteins That Care For A Long Saturation.

Best to start with an omelette or whole grain bread ̵

1; coated with boiled egg – in the tag. This is how Hjungshunger does not come to fruition.

The researcher prepares a study at the University of Connecticut in 2010: Problems who eat three eggs on a toast for breakfast, almost as much as 400 calories less to themselves than those with a bagel Get freshly prepared cheese.

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