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Tesla sales reach a new high and should continue to be driven by bonuses

  Tesla title for record quarter

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First, it was only speculation, but Tesla now appears to have reached a new peak in sales – at least in North America, through bonuses. Payments are to increase sales again.

According to an email from Tesla manager Elon Musk to his employees, the electric car manufacturer is on its way to a new record quarter in deliveries. All that is expected of Musk, more than 90,700 vehicles will be delivered between April and June ̵

1; the previous item from the fourth quarter of 2018. New inside information that forms the basis of this development.

Electrek.co has received inside information, which is proof that the automaker in North America reached new record levels on "sales figures" . In addition, employees will receive new bonuses to deliver all vehicles at the end of the month. Status was discussed in a conversation with sales and distribution managers in North America at the end of the quarter.

Tesla has already delivered 33,000 vehicles in North America in the quarter, according to sources who participated in the call. Delivery levels are already extremely high after the first quarter of the quarter, but Tesla is targeting an additional 33,000 vehicles in North America in June alone. Significant bonuses should flow if the goal is achieved.

Starting today, there is no sales commission for sellers, which was limited just over a year ago. Now, the automaker promises a $ 1,200 bonus for each vendor and a $ 550 bonus for each vendor. But that's not the end, if 36,000 instead of 33,000 vehicles are to be delivered, the bonuses will double.

A source gave Electrek to understand that Tesla had already delivered 2512 cars in North America in June and they have already planned much more The sales data are at the "highest level" . At present, almost 10,000 more deliveries are planned and approximately 6,000 orders have been phased out at FIN, but without any planned delivery.

Again, these numbers apply only to North America, but Tesla's goal is to make a significant contribution towards the end of the quarter achieving its goal of exceeding the previous 90 700 vehicle delivery record in the fourth quarter of 2018.

China has already laid the foundation for the company future. During the first day of pre-orders for the Tesla Model 3 "Made in China", Tesla's Chinese website apparently appears to be surpassed by traffic and shows 404 bugs for users trying to access the site. While a number of Chinese social media users expressed their disappointment over the higher-than-expected start-up price for Model 3 manufactured by Gigafactory 3, the launch of the vehicle, despite all, faced broad support from Tesla and electric car.

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