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Tesla plans to merge model S & X? > Teslamag.de

Having reviewed a possible Tesla prototype in California and several reports on a review of the two models S and X models, speculation about the company's future model policy is on the way. At the Forum Tesla Motors Club (TMC), a user even suggests that the model S and model X can soon be combined into a combination of both vehicles: "Declaration as model S, inner height and seven places as X, normal doors for lower emphasis" , "arzt506" says his reflections.

This is primarily only speculation, but some factors do not make it unrealistic. So a new generation of model S and model X is planned for the fall, including lighter weight and higher intervals, according to a report by Like Tesla. A mixture of both models is not mentioned in the partly vague sound report, which is based on information from a Tesla insider. However, this means that S and X's production will be on the same production line in the future.

In recent years, Tesla has made a noticeable effort to reduce the complexity of production ̵

1; and even by the customers it can cope. So last week the production of the variant LR RWD, as long row with rear wheel drive, was model 3-set, but not all orders have been processed. Similarly, Tesla has deleted interior design options on all models and offers only on right-hand drive markets two instead of three variants of model 3.

Also compatible with a merger of model S and model X is the fact that the new compact According to CEO Elon Musk is SUV Model Y is very likely to produce the other Tesla cars at the Fremont factory. If there were a combined Tesla Model SX instead of two different models in the future, it would be easier to create space for a Y production line in Fremont. And at last week's General Assembly, Musk announced that it would not be long before Tesla offered a "400-mile car" – without mentioning which model this statement refers to.

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