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Tesla Model S & Porsche Taycan prefer the Nürburgring duel

Spieglein, Spieglein in the Wand, where is the fastest electric car in the whole country? With the established Tesla Model S and newcomer Porsche Taycan two limousines are buzzing around this title. And such a duel, of course, lives on smaller chunks.

Without naming names, Porsche has already made small peaks at the world premiere of Taycan against US rivals Palo Alto. When it came to the first electro-Porsche, it was particularly important that this sprint work at 100 km / h again. "Officially, he works the sprint ten times in pursuit and without performance buses," said drive driver Boyke Richter. "But it can also be quite common. Anyway, unauthorized drivers give a ride on the car. ”

Attacks on Tesla

Porsche deliberately bought that Taycan hunted 0.1 seconds slower at pace 100 than the fastest model S. Therefore, the Prestige sprint with just a few males, for a power system that cuts performance to protect the battery. This also seems to happen at stop-and-go on lanes. A Porsche representative even blames BLICK for the fact that the Model S does not work a whole round on the legendary Nürburgring north loop. Porsche has been trying to frame the development of Taycan.

Deutsche Stromer is working to lock the 20.6-kilometer-long north loop daily – and in record time. Still, Taycan set a new record for four-year-old electric sports cars with 7:42 minutes. However, Tesla Model S is known as the only competitor even in no time …

Tesla proposes to return

This should change nowadays. Tesla boss Elon Musk announced via Twitter to send a Model S to the Nürburgring. With success: On a hand-held test drive, this should have the Taycan record ready to be interrupted in 7:23 minutes. Before Saturday, Tesla should rent the ring for half an hour. The usual precaution in a record attempt.

However, it is about a development vehicle with fitted wheelbases, a larger front air intake and larger rear spoiler. Then comes the new "Plaid" drive string with two electric motors in the rear and one in the front axle. With details the performance holds Tesla back, but the new drive should also be offered in the Model X and the Roadster, not just in the Model 3 and Y.

Duel launched

Should Tesla actually crack the record, should the Porsche does not last long to calm down. Along with the British magazine "Car and Driver" declared a Porsche representative who said the record was run with the turbo and not with the faster Turbo S. The record hunt for the Nürburgring electric crowns thus appears to have opened.

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