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Tesla is the model S "standard guide" from the program

Tesla delivers its large electric car limousine model S just for two more versions. Starting from the single-featured version of "Standard Route" to Price from $ 81,000, these weeks are included in the program.

Specify the custom palette for the model that you can easily get all the electric car models ready for. . The plant focus on the online sales should at the same time bring about a lowering of average six percent, which strategy becomes more abundant. After a while, the US repairman obtained the prices this Wednesday for the percentages.

The no-order model S “Standard-Reichweite” works 520 kilometers after NEFZ standard. Von Null on Hundde is 4.4 seconds, the high speed range is 225 km / h. With the release of this version, the model S "Maximum Route" is priced at least 87,750 Euro of the first line in the office. The Reichweite is located here at 632 Kilometers after NEFZ, at a rate of 1

00 seconds in 4.3 seconds and bounces up to 250 km / h.

The only alternative to the Model S "Max. Performance ”with 613 kilometers NEFZ Reichweite. The Sprint of Null on Hundred goes within 3.2 seconds – with the 13,000 Euro's "Ludicrous" option searching just 2.6 seconds. Schluss is at 250 km / h

The current model-S-Angebot für Deutschland

“Maximum Reichweite” (from 87,750 Euro)

  • 632 km NEFZ-Reichweite
  • 250 km / h Höchstgeschwindigkeit [19659008] 4,3 seconds 0-100 km / h

“Performance” (ab. 95,900 Euro)

  • 613 km NEFZ Range
  • 250 km / h High Speed ​​
  • 3.2 Seconds 0-100 km / h (optional: 2.6 sec.)

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