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Tesla: First Supercharger with Lounge opens in Switzerland

Tesla caters to its customers for the loading time: In Dietikon ZH, Europe's first overloaders opened with a lounge.

Zurich's suburb of Dietikon is likely to become the new mecca for Tesla drivers. At the Silver Quarter, the American electric car builder opened a new and unprecedented supercharger on the evening of 9 May. While up to 24 Teslas are charging their empty batteries outdoors, the Model 3, S, X or Roadster passengers can relax in a cozy lounge.


In addition to the obvious floating and fixed meals from vending machines According to Tesla, the food should be freshly prepared every day), the lounge, which the name promises, invites you to relax. There are also sofas, game consoles, a Töggeli box, a raised bar and a children's playground, in the outdoor area under the wooden benches and table tennis. The only catch: The lounge is exclusively reserved for Tesla drivers.

First lounge in Europe

With this unique compressor, Switzerland takes a pioneer role for Tesla: So this is not the case in any other European country. Why? Because the Tesla charging network is particularly tight here. The Lounge in Dietikon is the 18th Supercharger site. In addition, there are more than 250 charging options in hotels, restaurants and shopping centers.

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