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Sylvie Meis celebrates chicken night – without strippers

Updated 14 July 2020, 09:14

Before the wedding, there is another unforgettable experience for many brides: the chicken party. So too for Sylvie Meis. How the 42-year-old let it go with her girls and what she missed at her Bachelorette party despite the luxury hotel and limousine.

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Model and presenter Sylvie Meis and her fiancé Niclas Castello actually wanted to be in front of the altar, but the two had to postpone their wedding due to the corona pandemic. Will the wedding bells ring soon?

This weekend, Sylvie̵

7;s friends organized a chicken party for the model: During the weekend we went to a luxury hotel near Hamburg. Veils, crowns and bubbling should not be missing.

Wilder than last time: The girls let go so well

On Instagram, Sylvie Mei’s provides insights this weekend that she liked with four friends. She shows up in a bikini by the pool, among other things. There she poses with a crown and a white veil, but her gaze is the inflatable bathing tool in the form of a huge diamond ring.

In another post, Sylvie also wonders if she drank a glass of champagne too much. “I woke up and still had the crown on.”

Her girls had kidnapped her in a pink limousine, reports Sylvie Meis from the newspaper “Bild”. Soon she wants to say yes to her fiancé, the artist Niclas Castello. For Sylvie, it’s the second marriage. From 2005 to 2013, she was married to football specialist Rafael van der Vaart. How was your second batch of chicken compared? “It was wilder than last time,” says Sylvie.

Penis cake instead of stripper for Slyvie Meis

The photos on Instagram speak for a weekend of luxury and fun. Still, Sylvie admits to “Bild” that she also missed something during her Bachelorette party. “Unfortunately, the obligatory stripper was missing,” admits the 42-year-old. “The girls coordinated with my fiancé in advance and it was unfortunately decided against.”

But her friends gave a sweet replacement: “There was a golden penis cake for it,” reveals Sylvie Meis. The moderator also told the newspaper “Bild” when the wedding would take place: in September, a small group in Italy would get married.
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It was recently announced that Sylvie Meis and Niclas Castello want to get married after a few months of relationship. Since then, the presenter has shown his glittering engagement ring to the photographer.

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