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Switzerland: Yes, yes to labor law enforcement

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 Poster for the Shifting of the Swiss Military Law  Poster for the Shifting of the Swiss Military Law

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Source: dpa / Walter Bieri

The Waffen-Fans have lost: This Schweizer has been proud to announce clear-cut multitude of ways to eradicate their labor law and to support this government.

In Switzerland, on Sunday, the Swiss had reportedly exclaimed for a misappropriation of the labor law in this country. The Umfrage-Institut GFS.Bern lie ahead of Ja-Anteil about 60% lying. The modified law is different from that of the occupied semi-automatic weapons – with some exceptions for sports – nothing more. These are stormy people who have many protections in Switzerland.

The Interfaith community Schiessen Schweiz (IGS) hated those popular beliefs. Your face still has to be worn as a knit sport in Freiburg by the time of the shattered European weapons sets. The Gegner of the revised Sets hats 125,000 captions in January – 50,000 minds for a referendum. The government argued that the long and peaceful Swiss tradition did not say in 1939.

Brussels hunger Children to trade

An "antistress" that the government said was not forthcoming, said Lukas Golder of GFS. This enables Switzerland to implement an EU directive. The EU had yet to enforce the law of terror in 2015 in France. Switzerland is not a member of the EU, it has been a member of the EU, most EU states are bound to the Schengen area with open borders, is connected to the Union on many counts and generally many EU rules. At a time when these laws were being observed, Switzerland could be excluded from the Schengen area.

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