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Switzerland should become Hollywood scenes – look

A new organization should cover the international film in that Switzerland. In the lobby of the industry for Bundesgelder

The Painting Hunt in Schilthorn is Filmskichte. James Bond (George Lazenby) rides on ski through the snowshoe, close by the mountains of Bösewicht Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Telly Savalas) on the Fersen.

Tempi passion. "The Secret Service Your Majesty" is worn in 1969. Damals was neither Switzerland nor Drehort. For the last "Bond" campaign, "Specter" 2015 saw the producers for Austria. Vienna had to cope with idolatry.

Switzerland should attract foreign film production

Darum held the Swiss Film Economy in the Offensive. Under the auspices of the German-speaking cinema home, the industry is setting up an organization for the audio-visual standardization on the Beine. "Film Commission Switzerland" lent its name. Reasonably it should be considered as united.

"Today, Jedes Land in Europe owns a Film Commission – except Switzerland", justified Thomas Tribolet of the Swiss Film Producers' Association (SFP). So the new institution said, "In the future, large-scale foreign film production that Switzerland used as standard, reshuffled film here."

SP-Nationalrat Aebischer Weibelt für Bundesmittel

The Switzerland may provide best services, so Tribolet refuses – "Not only film and film organizational services, but also the hospitality and general infrastructure best suited to it."

Remains the question of finance: Cinésuisse, presided by SP-Nationalrat Matthias Aebischer, available for Bundesmittel. In December, the Berner BDP booth Werner Luginbühl will set up a frost ("Switzerland's position as an innovative top destination for film production") and replaces the government with "concrete and official support". Today, Grossproduktion fails the Swiss state sanctuary "in Austria, France or Northern Italy", argues Luginbühl.

Three labor protects fine business

Producer secretary Thomas Tribolet adds: «Our aim is that the state secretariat for economics Also, there is a demand for audiovisuals. ”

At the moment Lughbühl regards the work of the home economics as a prime concern. "In a quadruple production, these investments benefit from over four million Swiss francs."

At the horn, 007 also contains one half a century after the Dreh on the menu: The Restaurant Piz Gloria serves "Spaghetti James Bond" for 24 francs.

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