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Swiss Curler defeated by the defending champion

At the start of the Curling European Championships in Tallinn, the Swiss shipman Skip skipper Peter De Cruz against his favorites Sweden. After a 5-2 lead they lose 6: 7.

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The Swedes from Karlstad are the most successful teams in the world: Current world champion, Olympic silver medalist, European champion in the last four seasons. Nevertheless, the Olympians in CC Geneva were equally opponents. Valentine Tanner, Peter De Cruz, Sven Michel and Benoît Schwarz dominated the game from 2nd to 6th. They wrote a two-room house and stole three more 5: 2-lead stones. The turning point of the Scandinavians came in the 7th end, where the Swiss revealed a favorable situation and caught a twosome.

Niklas Edin turned up in the closing phase. With a brave last stone in the 10th end he got out the crucial two as he could avoid the extra end. In this, Geneva had the advantage of the last stone.

In the second game, Switzerland will meet on Saturday on the weaker classified Italy with Gen. Schipper Joël Retornaz.

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