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Swatch vs. Apple: For Swiss shipping companies in Australia

Ever since, Apple founder Steve Jobs († 56) has been named "One More Thing", being exciting. However, this satiety is not covered by a single exception to Australia. Swatch frees

Apple has no luck at driving with swatch. In Australia, for the iPhone company, the second Niederlage enters the courier time, reporting the "Sydney Morning Herald."

This is about the legendary Satz "One more thing". The stunned Apple chief Steve Jobs (56) hides with presentations with huge features like the iPod, MacBook Pro or Apple TV. For this reason, the US engineer wanted to remove the Satz as a brand welding and swatch prohibited, albeit.

Apple must be hired

Do the sophisticated Australian affiliate go to Apple and for Swatch. The Swiss hat argued that six of the "Columbo" Cultural TV series were inspired to recite their series. The happy comrades used the Satz often, while being suspicious.

Apple must take over the costs of the swatch of Swatch, were Chief Nick Hayek (64) registering with renewal.

Stript on repeating slogan

Avg April is Apple with a limited swatch in the Switzerland for the Bundesverwaltungsgericht. Those Americans protested daily that Swatch could protect the "Tick different" brand. There Slogan said to Apple's "Think different."

However, they did not coincide. At that point, the Apple slogan said nothing of this well-known genius, about a reverse slug. (Cf)

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