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Super League: Hamlet can hope for even more FCL money

FCL has to dig deep into the pockets for the Weiler release. It is very possible that premiums are added.

It came as a surprise. And she throws high waves. The suspension of coach René Weiler at FCL is of course the subject of the week. CHF 1.25 million must be placed on the table of the Lucerne Board. "Of course, it leaves injuries, but we can carry it," says President Philipp Studhalter.

The damage is likely to be even greater. As premiums can still be added – and so the amount grows rapidly to 1.5 million francs. This economic horror scenario is not unrealistic. Similarly, the case of Uli Forte at FCZ. Forte is convinced that he still has money. He has turned to labor law. "It's about wage payments, especially premiums, which I am entitled to in my opinion and FCZ does not want to pay. For the qualification for the Cup final, the Cup victory, the achievement of the Europa League, the prizes for the Europa League matches," Forte says at the beginning by February to see. It is about half a million francs depending on how the judge determines.

Paradox FCL World

It is clear that FC Luzern has also separated from Weiler for budget reasons, the coach shouting in the winter's gains, especially on "We couldn't meet his demands," says sports director Remo Meyer. FCL simply lacked the money for it. In addition to Thun, Lucerne is the only club in the Super League that has not intensified.

a 22-year-old wing from the offspring to FC Zurich, in the summer FCL takes four players with Eleke, Ndenge, Kakabadze and Mirco Salvi, for more is missing in central Switzerland, the coal, the more you have to take one now for Weiler's dismissal in his hand. It is paradoxical.

By the way: FCL is still in the cup. On March 6, the central Swiss will get in the quarterfinals champions YB. If Lucerne continues, there are bonuses. Therefore, Weiler should keep his fingers crossed for his previous players. Both in the cup and in the league.

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