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Sunrise sells first 5G router: Fast internet to home?

Finally, high-speed internet? Sunrise launches first 5G router image: htc

Sunrise launches first 5G router: Fast Internet for home without fiber optics

Sunrise is the first Swiss mobile service to launch an internet service for its own home the new 5G network .

At the beginning of the year, Sunrise announced a subscription offering fast internet to the home via the 5G network. Now you can finally buy the first 5G router.

The small box is intended for fast internet to homes, apartments or offices that do not have a fast fiber optic connection. "With the HTC 5G Hub and data subscription you can currently use fast 5G Internet connections in more than 21

8 cities and cities," Sunrise writes.

With Android 9 as an operating system, HTC's 5G router will be more of a multimedia and streaming box: for example, on a tablet or smartphone, you can download apps from the Google Play store, play games or stream movies and TV program in 4K resolution.

5G Hub is a router and entertainment box [19659000] Picture: Sunrise

The key facts about HTC's 5G hub at a glance:

  • Internet with theoretical up to 2 Gbit per second (2000 Mbps) at home or on the move.
  • If 5G is not available, up to 700 Mbps Internet connections can be accessed via the 4G network.
  • Up to 20 devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops or smart TVs can be connected to 5G via WLAN. Connect the router.
  • When the battery is running, the 340G-5G router should be run for at least one day without power (battery capacity: 7660 mAh).
  • Other devices can be loaded into the box via USB-C. 19659012] HTC's 5G hub is also a small entertainment center and supports 4K video streaming (eg
  • 5G box runs on Android 9: Streaming apps like Netflix, as well as series and movies from the Google Play store on the TV)
  • 4K games should have every cloud-based game service available from the Google Play store
  • Music, video clips and images can be shared with other devices on the Wi-Fi network via the 5G hub.
  • Operation occurs via a 5-inch touchscreen or via voice commands via Google Assistant.
  • To 31.07.2019 HTC's 5G hub, including "Mobile Internet Unlimited 5G" subscription, is available as an initial offer for CHF 69 per month. 24 months, discount on subscription is only valid for 24 months. [5] The 5G data subscription also includes 1 GB of data roaming volume in Europe, USA and Canada.

And where is the catch?

First is that clarify whether 5G is present From June 2019, the 5G network is even more holey than an Emmental. Sunrise adds this site, the communities already delivered with 5G.

Secondly, you should know: The advertising hit "fiber optic through the air" used by Sunrise is a shame, because the maximum bandwidth in the mobile network is distributed to all users of a radio cell while fiber optic customers have insured bandwidth. With the 5G hub of Sunrise and HTC you will never reach the maximum speed of 2 Gbit per second (2000 Mbit / s) in everyday life. However, this is not necessary because Netflix, for example, recommends only 25 Mbit / s for a 4K current.

Third is the 5G bullet for private, not very cheap: In the first 24 months, the discounted data subscription costs 34 instead of 59 francs. In addition, there are monthly rates of 35 francs for the 5G router, so a total of 69 francs per month is due. After the first 24 months you pay the full price for the data description, that is 59 francs. The minimum contract period of 2 years is also less customer-friendly.

The box can be especially rewarding for smaller companies or residential areas that are not blessed with fast internet connection via cable.

As soon as the 5G network is really [19659029] Video: watson


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