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Sunday press: Swiss passengers without possibility of compensation

Swiss passengers without prospect of compensation – Sunday press writes

Swiss flight cancellations: Passengers have little chance of compensation


About 10,000 Swiss passengers temporarily founded in A220 this week The fleet is affected. Now research from "SonntagsBlick" shows that the chances are poor that they will be compensated for the inconvenience they had to suffer from outdated flights. The Federal Office of Civil Aviation (Bazl), which is responsible for upholding passenger rights in Switzerland, tells the newspaper: "We are currently assuming exceptional circumstances that have led to the engine inspection. Thus, no compensation would be provided under Regulation 261

/2004." The above-mentioned EU regulation states that airlines are exempt from compensation if the cancellation returns to "extraordinary circumstances", which could not have been avoided even if "all reasonable measures had been taken. In the end, the question is: who is responsible for the temporary foundation of the A220- The fleet? Technical defects generally fall into the airline's risk zone – that is, Swiss. Manufacturer's injuries, on the other hand, are considered an exceptional circumstance. is a manufacturer's injury, they are standardized compensation According to Stefanie Müller of the German Flightright GmbH, it is generally more difficult in Switzerland to uphold the rights of EU passengers. "Since the interpretations of the ECJ are not binding on the Swiss courts, many of the ECJ's consumer protection judgments in Switzerland are not exemplary." The legal situation in Switzerland is thus less consumer friendly.

SP says yes to the Green Federal Council

SP initiates debate on the future composition of the Bundesrat. Just before the closing of the polling stations, leading SP politicians are ready to help the green forces to a federal council seat. This is reported by "SonntagsZeitung". "If the Green Party's election owner, it makes sense to integrate them into the Federal Council," said SP Vice President Beat Jans: "We are interested in strengthening the green forces and would support a green or green liberal candidacy. National Council Cédric Wermuth also finds that the magic formula being discussed and the looming left-wing slide in the government must be charted. "We cannot afford another legislator with such a right-wing union." For the Social Democrats, both green and green liberal candidates are candidates – despite differences in content with GLP The primary target of the attack is FDP Federal Council Ignazio Cassis, whose elimination is no longer taboo. Counsel Fabian Molina believes a vote in the SP would probably support. "Cassis does not at all convince as Foreign Minister."

Libero: "We want to remain troublemakers"


Five years ago, in October In 2014, Operation Libero responded to Yes by voters for the mass immigration initiative. Since then – as "SonntagsBlick" writes – the movement has contributed to lowering SVP initiatives such as the initiative on enforcement and self-determination. On the occasion of the federal election, Operation Libero Grosses had planned to support progressive and compromise-oriented candidates from all parties to fight "active stalemate" policies in recent years, as co-president Laura Zimmermann explained in an interview. However, the announced "election change" has never really come on the air – the required donations have failed to operate. For the acclaimed accusations: Operation Libero had tried to buy candidates. In addition, she was only a protection for GLP and FDP. Zimmermann contradicts: "It's complete nonsense." No rappers had flocked to the candidates. Party political is also independent: "The attacks from the left and from the right show that many still have problems with a movement they cannot assign."

Turkish mosques in Switzerland spread war propaganda

Two Turkish mosque associations support the military invasion of Turkey against the Kurds in neighboring Syria, reported by SonntagsZeitung. The Turkish Islamic Foundation and the Swiss Islamic Community are among 13 diaspora organizations that have signed a statement. They talk about a legitimate military action against terrorists. The two associations represent about 60 mosques, which is equivalent to about one-fifth of all Muslim worship in Switzerland. The Turkish Islamic Foundation is subordinate to the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Ankara.

Low interest rate policy: Federal government collects CHF 388 million due to negative interest rates

The federal government has received CHF 388 million in recent years thanks to negative interest rates. This results in a compilation prepared by the Swiss Federal Ministry of Finance (FDF) at the request of "SonntagsBlick". Surprisingly, already in 2011, the confederation received eleven million francs thanks to negative interest rates – long before Danmarks Nationalbank introduced negative interest rates. EFV spokesman Philipp Rohr explains: "We issue weekly so-called money market debt with a maturity of three, six and twelve months. These have been negative since August 2011." So the federal government has already found investors willing to pay him interest to keep money. Another surprise is that the federal government's highest negative interest income ever came to EUR 79 million in 2017. Since then, negative interest income has decreased somewhat again: in 2018 there were 64, in the first half of 2019 about 30 million francs. How come? Rohr: "First, in 2016 and 2017, the outstanding volume of debt market claims in the money market was higher than in the years 2018/2019. And secondly, the return generated was slightly more negative due to increased demand during those years. "In other words, there were more investors than at present willing to pay the bond for debt.

The Bund plans to take over refugees from Turkey

A new wave of refugee flows is emerging on the Balkan road. That is why FDP Federal Councilor Karin Keller-Sutter calls for an action plan for Greece with which the activities of European states can be coordinated. She raised this idea for discussion at the Justice and Home Affairs Ministers meeting in the Schengen area of ​​Luxembourg two weeks ago. In the next few weeks, a working meeting is planned in Greece, as confirmed by Mario Gattiker, head of the State Secretariat for Migration, in NZZ on Sunday. As Gattiker continues to say, Switzerland not only wants to support Greece but also wants to help Turkey. "We plan to receive a small contingent of refugees from Turkey for the first time in the next two years as part of the UN resettlement program," he says in "NZZ am Sonntag". "Because the burden on these 3.6 million refugees is huge for Turkey." Given that the Federal Council has designated the Turkish military offensive as a clear violation of international law, this decision is quite remarkable. While the first refugees from Turkey arrive early next year, Gattiker urges Greece to hurry: "The Greeks must be able to handle the increase in the number of refugees," he says. "You have to move quickly now to keep the situation under control, as the situation on the islands is uncertain."

But no negative interest rates: UBS offers a loophole for the rich in Jersey

The big bank UBS demands from November the very rich Customer's negative interest. On deposits of more than 2 million francs, it has a negative interest rate of 0.75 percent. However, as reported by SonntagsZeitung, it offers a trolley on Channel Island of Jersey, with no negative interest. The interest rate on the account "Fid Call UBS Jersey" is 0.0 percent. This is possible because the bank has two balance sheets, UBS Switzerland AG and UBS AG. Unlike UBS Switzerland AG, UBS AG's balance sheet has significantly fewer deposits that must be deposited with Danmarks Nationalbank and therefore burdened by negative interest rates.

CS Topmann threatened Iqbal Kahn's knowledge

Thomas Gottstein is Switzerland's Head of Credit Suisse. Just over two weeks ago, he caused a scandal over the shadowing of former CS chief Iqbal Khan and his move to rival UBS. According to information from "NZZ am Sonntag", the following happened: CS man Gottstein joined the restaurant Zurich Kronenhalle at a table where a confidant to Iqbal Khan and other people sat at dinner. Gottstein verbally attacked the Khan trusts. In particular, he said that he would kill Khan confidence and Khan himself. The affected person does not want to talk about the incident. CS spokesman Dominique Gerster confirms the meeting. Threats were not pronounced. "In retrospect, Gottstein apologizes for the emotionality," said CS spokesman.

SBB increase in international traffic significantly


SBB feeling during the first half of 2019 on train trips abroad "Clearly positive trend", as SBB spokeswoman Sabine Baumgartner from "NZZ am Sonntag" says. Traffic volume on international routes increased by 10 percent, while night trains even transported 25 percent more passengers during the first half of the year. "Demand growth was particularly strong on the night roads to Berlin and Hamburg," says Baumgartner in "NZZ am Sonntag". It cannot be said how strongly this development is due to the climate debate. "However, from customer surveys, we know that sustainability considerations have become important." Demand for train journeys to France has grown strongly. From December, the Swiss-French joint venture TGV Lyria will offer 30 percent more seats between Switzerland and Paris. "Without the climate discussion, we really wouldn't have expanded our capacity so much," says CEO Fabien Soulet at "NZZ am Sonntag". According to Soulet, TGV Lyria has set itself the goal of offering Eco-class seats for 65 francs per day for short-term bookings up to 15 days before departure.

The Lezzgo app takes higher prices as a ticket machine

When traveling with the Lezzgo app, the cheapest price should be automatically charged. But when traveling in the Zurich Transport Association (ZVV), it is up to 80 percent more expensive than the ticket on the vending machine. This is because ZVV day passes are valid for 24 hours, while all other traffic regions are charged per calendar day. The addition was revealed in 2018 with the introduction of the check-in function, says a spokesman for ZVV. The Federal Office for Transport, on the other hand, speaks of a "customer trap". "In our view, ZVV would need to point out different validity," writes a spokesman for "NZZ am Sonntag". The case shows that the tariff structure of the networks should be harmonized with national transport and the same system should apply throughout Switzerland.

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